Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pics... for anyone who checks in on our little neglected blog!

Sweet girl. Lucy is getting so big and talking up a storm. She loves "school", her teachers and her friends... she is as happy today as the very first day we held her in our arms. Lucy is full of life and has the most lovely way of putting a smile on anyone's face.

First day of school for Beth, Sam and Luciana!
The first day is always bitter sweet, but everyone has done a great job of settling in and getting into a great routine. School has been great this year... for all of us!
Waiting for Coach Daddy and Super Star Sammy at soccer!

Up, up, up and away! Sam's 7th birthday (August) was at a rock gym. The kids had a blast!

Keith on the first day... ha, ha! We take the first day picture tradition very seriously! No one gets out of it!

Fall apple picking. Next... pumpkins! Maybe I'll get those pics up by Christmas!

Much love.