Monday, June 29, 2009

Road Trip

Here are a few images from our family trip to Rangeley Lake last week. School ended, and we loaded the wagon and headed to a lovely cabin just above the lake.... all thanks to our friends Sue and John! We swam, "hiked", poked around town, fished, did some mean paddle boating, and just enjoyed each other. Two things you need to know before viewing this slideshow... I swore off hair product and make-up while away (be warned!) and, the music for this montage was free and not my first choice for the "mood" of our trip... use your imagination!??! Enjoy! Here's to summer vacation!

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hello, hello... I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello

While in the process of bringing Luciana home over a year ago, I came to use this blog to share my heart and to sort out the blur of raw emotion that of what I thought would be the hardest thing I would ever survive. In the end, of course, we would find ourselves being reminded that everything happens for a reason, and that many of the events leading up to bringing Lucy home landed us in the middle of what would prove to one of the greatest adventures of our lives.

Since that time, I have struggled with sharing events beyond the day-to-day joys of my children and our family. And even then, for all kinds of reasons, I haven't made enough time to do much of that. In the course of this last year, our family has had a few scares, too many worries, and a huge loss. We are not alone in that, I know. It is all a part of life, and it goes without saying that these private family moments have had more joy and love than I can list sprinkled throughout.

Well, I want to get back to blogging as part of my summer morning routine... a mug of joe, a few antidotes about Peaches and Cinnamon (aka: the monkey and the goose), and reconnecting with that extended family I adore.

Funny story... I was at the supermarket with Mom a few days ago. We ran into a lovely woman Mom had once worked with. Mom introduced me, and the woman said, "Oh! This must be Peaches and Cinnamon!" Blushing more than necessary, I said that yes, that was me. She went on to tell me how several people in their office came to make it a daily ritual to read this blog and how thrilled they were when Sam and Lucy were finally home together. Oh my. Will I ever know how many people prayed, hoped, wished, or crossed all their fingers and toes for our little family?!?! Well, I felt an enormous sense of gratitude and responsibility after this brief encounter. I doubt that these same folks check back here much lately... why would they... but, some might. The least I can do is post the goofy smiling mugs of my children living their day-to-days while running me ragged! That is what we fought so hard for, isn't it?!?

So. Today marks the official, soggy, foggy, and hope-filled beginning of my summer. My greatest hope is for this summer to be all about Sam and Lucy with no need to take a blogging hiatus or guard up my heart from this journal for my children. If I am lucky, you will all become utterly sick of seeing their ear-to-ear grins smiling back at you! (hee hee) Wish me luck.