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Supporting the Children Left Behind: The Guatemala Six

From MAPS Worldwide:

Supporting the Children Left Behind: The Guatemala Six

When inter-country adoptions were halted in Guatemala last year, an unknown number of children were left behind in orphanages throughout the country with little hope of finding adoptive families. Most of these orphanages were funded through adoption fees and have since closed because they no longer have any source of support, leaving the children with few options for permanency.

Hogar Para Ninos Vida Nueva, an orphanage in Guatemala City, had six children in their care when their funding ceased. Now the director, Betty Morales, and two nannies are caring for these children in their own homes with no source of funding.

Without private support, the children will not be able to stay in these homes and there will be no option other than substandard government-funded orphanages where conditions are far from adequate. We need your help to ensure the future wellbeing of these children.

Monthly Needs to Support Foster Care for the GUATEMALA SIX: $2285
* Foster parent stipends
* Expenses for six children
* Milk and formula
* Doctor visits (two visits monthly to pediatric clinic)
* Medications, immunizations, and clothing
* Nutritional supplement: Pediasure (treatment for malnutrition)
* School tuition for one school-age child
* Local supervision and MAPS’ oversight of foster mothers

How to donate:

Mail your check:
MAPS400 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Designate "Guatemala Six" on the memo line

Contact Meghan O'Brien
phone 617-267-2222

For more information about the Guatemala Six or MAPS Wordwide: