Sunday, February 28, 2010


Today... or tomorrow... or midnight?!?! 


We became a Forever Family on February 29 (Leap Year!) 2 years ago!  I love this day.  After all the ups and downs and tears and hopes, the one moment when Keith walked into our little apartment in Antigua and wrapped his arms around all of us to begin our life as a family of four... forever... it takes my breath away each time I think of it.  I love that we have this special day that is all ours to take time to appreciate how we came to be a family.  I took out the albums I made of our time in Guatemala... they begin with the night before Sam, Mom and I flew to Guate, and end with the "Welcome Home" pics back here in snowy Maine.  We sat together and read through them like our own family fairy tale.  It's our story, and I love to remember it. 

Much love.