Thursday, March 15, 2007

Home Study 101

No one tells you that the Home Study is like, ummm, I guess, a pop quiz. Except you have had 31 years to prepare because the test is all about "you". A fill-in-the-blank of your whole life. A True/False of your marriage, your family, and childhood. A short answer of your parenting beliefs. AND, a multiple choice of all things personal; past, present, and future.

We had a great visit with our case worker. Really. She is lovely, kind, funny, and very gentle with her incredibly detailed and very thorough questions. We really had a nice time meeting with her. I love talking about anything and everything that comes around to our daughter. It's just sort of intense. Imagine the most important job interview of your life. You prepare, you know your facts, you look the part, you know you are the best person for the job... bring it on! Then, whoa! The questions come. Keith, tell me how you fist knew that you loved Beth. Beth, what qualities did you first admire about Keith. What is challenging in your marriage? How do you discipline Sam, how do you solve problems, what was your childhood like, why did you get a speeding ticket in 2000?????? That's not to get into the topics that actually pertained to adoption!! Well, it all went well and we are happy to be moving forward. (Sigh of relief.)

What's to come?

Our case worker will meet with one of our references. (Oh, to be a fly on the wall.) She will write our Home Study report. (That should be a good read!) Then we will begin to collect the paperwork that will make up our dossier. Ideally, this information would go to Guatemala, but we are less certain of that with each passing day. We are considering other countries to proceed with and are relying on input from some very smart people.

Here is a link for those interested in "what is going on with adoption in Guatemala????".

It is all very disheartening, and we are hopeful for those families who are already invested in bringing their child home from Guatemala.

Though we are not entirely sure of how we will proceed, we are truly committed to bringing our child home... wherever she may be. Stay tuned.

Oh, and loved this book, too. It was practically written with Sam in mind and he loves to hear the point of view of the big brother!

Much love.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Snow Day!!

I don't know what it is about a snow day! I just love them. We have had a totally relaxing day, it's been great to stay in Pj's and just do "whatever".

The only problem with a day to lounge is that it provides way too much time to casually pop on the Internet and read the many, many articles regarding the status of adoption in Guatemala. It is very disheartening, and I really don't know what we are going to do. Luckily, I guess, we are still in the Home Study process, so we do not need to make a final decision yet. I just want to.

I spend a lot of time thinking about those who are already in the process. We have become friends with a couple who are supposed to bring their son home in a few days, but that is not happening now. They will be bringing him home at the end of the month, and that is the real blessing. I wonder about all the other families who are waiting. I have read such strength and love in the stories of those who are willing to share. This is an amazing community we find ourselves among. We have a long way to go, but we know, like so many others, that there is a child that belongs with our family and we will do what is needed to bring her home.

I am looking for guidance on this ever looming decision. We are very fortunate to have a small and wise support group who are helping us process the real and unreal details surrounding the ongoing debacle (as one friend called it). The prevailing opinion of the moment is to wait and see. In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to gather information about the adoption process for other countries.

Man! I was in a happy-go-lucky snow day kind of mood, and now I have gone and "journaled" a whole heap of worries! Enough of that.

Another upside to a snow day is cleaning. WHAT?!? Those who know me well just dropped jaw, but I am serious. I puttered in between this and that, and my house is clean!! With Home Study Part 2 just around the corner, I am quite pleased with myself. Whether we can maintain this museum like appearance (ha!) for the next several days... well... nah, it will never happen. Well, at least the house looks nice for my in-laws who are joining us this evening.

Finally, here are some upcoming events that interested me:

Would love to check this out.

Hmmmm.... should I? It may be too late, but worth looking into.

Much love.