Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wait to Worry?

Hi everyone!

For those counting... third post! I have been to the doc and back... and just waking up from my pain med-induced siesta! So, given that I am bit groggy, I will be short and sweet...

Luciana is almost 2. (HOW CAN THAT BE?!?!) Over the years of reading blogs about families with children through adoption, certain developmental delays seem to be common and not a real cause for alarm... however, I find myself in a tough spot as we creep closer to this next milestone.

Lucy is not speaking as much as the "typical" two year old should be. I know, I know... what is typical? Still, it is clear to us that she has some type of language delay. In my non-medical opinion/observation, it would seem to me that if you spend the first 8+ months of your life in a Spanish speaking country and are completely uprooted to a home where people "maybe, sort of, sometimes, but not-so-much" speak a little Spanish, but really, you are taking in an entirely new language... well, that your language should be allowed a little longer to develop, to stew in the juices and all that. I know it is all getting in there, and it is clear to me that she understands us very well... the whole comprehension bit is great. Lucy has been able to make her needs knows (has she ever!), and she responds to our requests (get your ball, where's your nose, hug mama, etc) appropriately... she just isn't talking much. (Perhaps I talk enough for both of us!) At times, she does show frustration when she wants to tell us something and doesn't have the words... those times are hard for all of us.

So, here's what she can do... she says a lot of the expected stuff... mama, dada, brother, papa, mimi, nana, ball, baby, up, done, hi, bye, baby, woof, meow, my, ELMO, and some others... and often she has phrases that we understand... thank you, milk please, more please, "teese"... and she babbles from sunup to sundown, as well as "sings", yells, grunts and groans, and sometimes signs to make her point. Soooooooooooo, is that enough for now? Or, do we call Early Intervention while she is still young enough to qualify and request services? I hate to miss the boat on one hand, but I try not to borrow trouble when it's really not necessary. Her pediatrician has said that he is not worried.... that was several months ago. I trust him, but I also know that he does not have a child adopted from another country, nor do (I imagine) most of his clients. So, that's where I reach out to you all...

I feel like I have read a similar post on many of your blogs... and it usually said something like, "He wasn't talking very much before his 2nd birthday, and now we can't get him to STOP!" ha ha! But, if anyone is reading something here that is more of a red flag, I would truly appreciate the advice. Her two year check-up is in a couple of months, so I have that to look forward to, but I do know that if I want to refer her for support, it takes time and is better to start sooner than later. So Moms, Dads, friends.... what do you think? Provide my sweetie with some therapy, or grab a life jacket and wait for the floodgates to open!?!?

Much love.

Monkey See...

Luciana worships her big brother! She squeals when he comes into a room... she throws her arms wide open and runs as fast as her little legs will take her to wrap her arms around him. Sam? Eats it up! Getting a pic of these two together, however, falls somewhere close to qualifying for an Olympic event! I happened upon this game of Monkey See, Monkey Do in the toy room and quickly snagged a couple blurry shots while our very active toddler was as close to "still" as she I have seen her since she took those first steps!

Look at the love in her face!
"TEESE!" (Oh, and check out Sam's teeth!)
Awwwwwwwwww. . .
I am a very lucky Mama.
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All Smiles

This would prove to be the last pic of Sam's smile with his two front teeth!

The very next day, one tooth fell out at school! So, that night, naturally, the Tooth Fairy came. The very next night, the Easter Bunny came! And one week to the day, the Tooth Fairy was back again for that second front tooth! Our house is has been very busy while we have been sleeping! I knew I needed to snap this pic quickly! There is something about those two front teeth that changes the way our babies look... growing up, like it or not!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What? She's Posting!??!

Hi all! Still here...

Here's the long and short of it... I have two kids, a husband, family and friends I like to occasionally connect with (like each of you!), I work full time, commute 45 minutes-1 hour (depending), feed people (usually just the ones I live with), eat (clearly too much), bathe people (mainly my children), put those same people to bed (sigh), and CRASH... and, of course, I love every minute of it!! Still, I want to post updates and reclaim "blogging" to my daily itinerary, I really do. I want to be a part of this community who were my lifeline for oh-so long, who saw me through the mania of my existence, who became my family, whose families I came to love... I want to get all this garble that rambles around in my head on a daily basis down here for those of you crazy and kind enough to read along, I want to brag on my kids and my family, I want to upload oodles of snapshots of their gorgeous, sweet mugs and log on to read your comments about their endless cuteness, and antics, and those darndest things they say... I want to spend my morning coffee reading about your day-to-days with your children and your families and your stories of all things parenthood... I want to be with YOU! So, here is my thought... will you join me in my quest to add an hour to the day? What do we need? A petition? I just need one more hour... don't you? With all the new technology to keep up with, with all the ways we feel so pulled to be in touch with our friends in the cyber-world, couldn't you use just one more hour for you FB friends, for you My Space page, to Twit or Tweet, to BLOG, to text, to email.... just one more hour... is it too much to ask?

So, I'm home.... no kids. Never...but today I am. And, I will be again tomorrow for a bit... so, if you are one of the few remaining faithful followers who check in on us from time to time... tell me how to use my gift of an hour tomorrow...

Full blown update on the kids? Pics? Or perhaps I will outline my concerns about my almost two year old and her delayed speech... worry, don't worry? Where do we go? Maybe a little of all of it? Tomorrow... meet me here... I plan to come around to you, too!

Still... and always... much love.