Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Special Visit

Enjoy a few snapshots of our memorable weekend with Bobbi, Steph, and Donna's families!

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By the way... tomorrow: FOREVER FAMILY Anniversary!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Coming Together

This weekend, after more than a year of support, laughter, tears, and long-distant friendship, "Peaches & Cinnamon" will FINALLY meet Little Pea!! And the very next day... Party of 5 and Heart's Journey will ALL be at my house celebrating a grand "Feb-guate-rary" OR "Guate-urary" OR... okay, okay... I give up on the clever name... they are coming!!!  

I am so excited to finally meet, Donna and Steph with Bobbi this weekend.... going through the journey to Guate and back to complete our families would have been that much harder without the support of women like these ladies!  SO, think of this weekend... four families, totaling 8 kids and 8 adults, all coming together to celebrate friendships made along the way.  

Stay tuned for pics!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It just does not seem possible that on this day last year I was packing last minute things, checking and double checking flights, itineraries, and passports, and getting ready to somehow say good-bye to Keith all the while trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach preparing to be reunited forever with my sweet baby girl.

One year ago tomorrow is playing over and over in my mind like an old family movie... I can see each moment... Sam and I grabbing hands, Mom and I wiping away tears of anticipation, walking off an elevator in a strange land straight into an embrace I will never forget.

Tomorrow?!? How is it possible?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Luciana and Sam getting ready to head to the courthouse.

Happy moment after the proceedings.

Sam proudly holding the paperwork that officially recognizes Luciana's
adoption here in the states and has her new LEGAL name!

Order in the court!

So, in this mostly ceremonial (though still emotional) step, we celebrate the finalization of all the legal details that put on paper what we have always known in our hearts. Luciana is Luciana legally, and she is ours... all ours! We were joined by my Mom and Dad, and Luciana's Godmother, Barbara, and Sam's buddy, James! It was great to have their support and even more fun to celebrate with them after the proceedings! While in the courtroom, and in true Lucy fashion, my little nap-deprived toddler ran in circles
charming the robe right off the judge! She was a riot!

Today was special, but I am also glad it is done. I feel like I took that final deep breath. Like any milestone in Luciana's life, I have had Lucy's birthmother and foster mother in my heart. I pray they know how loved this sweet girl really is.

I am going to leave the final thought for this post to Sam... as we were driving away from the courthouse, he broke our reflective silence with, "Well, Mom. We did it." Yes, buddy, we sure did.

Much love.
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