Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Peaches & Cinnamon

The continuation of the "Things Sam Says":

Over the past several weeks, we have danced delicately around our unanimous family decision to add to our family through adoption. We were conscious to not talk too much or too little about "it" in the beginning. We didn't want to talk so much that we built up Sam's excitement and let him down, knowing this would be a very long process. We didn't want to talk too little, knowing he would have questions and that he would be hearing us talk with others about it. So far, it is all feeling okay. Not too hot, not too cold, just right.... just read Goldilocks today.

Sam and I were recently at Borders looking at this book and that. With my copy of the newest book club choice and Sam's copy of the new Charlotte's Web Easy Reader, we ventured into the travel section. I casually snagged a copy of a travel guide for Central America, and feeling on a roll, inquired about Children's Literature on the topic of adoption. (I Love You Like Crazy Cakes) With our bundle of books and a couple of well placed chocolates from the checkout line, we headed home to crack open our new lit. I love new books. And, I really love days like the one this became. We had braved the cold and wind to traverse the mean and unforgiving parking lot, and felt totally justified in curling up on the couch under a shared blanket to laze away the afternoon with our new reads. It was a dream.

Well, it came to the moment when I was thumbing through the Guatemala section of the travel guide. Sam, always curious, asked what I was looking at. I showed him the pictures and maps of where his sister might be born. He immediately wanted to find a picture of a little girl. We had previously talked about the idea that a little sister born in another country will have a different color skin than he does. His response was instant and pure.... he simply informed us that, "everyone has different color skin, that makes us special." More love, love, love. So, feeling comfortable with his lovely view on the world, it was fun to search the pages with him. We also read Crazy Cakes, and I was left, again, with the feeling like Sam is just taking this all in stride. It is a great help to me.

So, this leads me to Peaches and Cinnamon.

Much later on the same day of books and cuddles, Sam asked if we could talk about the 'baby" again. I remember having this very laptop in my lap and tossing it to the side as he crawled up next to me. I asked what he wanted to talk about. Among many topics, he asked me what color he was, and what color would she be?? Without really thinking too much about it, I said he was sort of a peachy color. He checked out his hands and arms and agreed that that was about right. I said that I thought she would probably be more like a cinnamony shade of pretty. He giggled. A lot. He said he liked cinnamon. It was such a tiny moment in time. I remember just feeling goofy and teasing, "Peaches and cinnamon, mmmmmmm, I am going to have such tasty kids, I will just have to eat you up!" It is so small to write this, because it felt so much more. It was two seconds, but it was this feeling of complete normalcy in talking about our growing family. Well, anyway, he loves that Keith and I will have Peaches and Cinnamon for kids, and he loves when I pretend to gobble him up. When we were painting days later, he included a fourth member of our family and was careful to ask which paint to use to show Cinnamon. True love.

I have to add, in a moment of curiosity, I Googled "Peaches and Cinnamon"... I found some fantastically delicious recipes for cobblers, pies, and crumbles... Mmmmm. I can taste the stories to come. Yes, Laura, I know those recipes qualify as baking!

Much love.

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Laura said...

I am so amazed at the innocence and simply delightful comments that our children make sometimes. And it is such a testiment to your patience and loving parenting that you could talk about such a huge topic with such a lovely sentiment like, "peaches and cinnamon".
I love you- and can't wait to fall in love with Cinnamon!