Sunday, January 25, 2009

High School Half-Time Show

Checking out the H.S. trophies. Just 7 short years away...

Routing for GHS!

The Big Finale!

PS- Will make the move to private in about a week, so please get me your email if you want to keep up with the journey.
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Our own little Captain Sully!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

One Final Step

We are quickly approaching several anniversaries, so it seems even more timely and fitting that we will complete the final step in Luciana's adoption in just a few weeks. We will appear in court of February 4th to appear for what many refer to a "re-adoption". It will be the legal process of completing Luciana's adoption in the respect that her name will legally be changed and a new birth certificate will be issued with that beautiful name. It's a big deal, and we are pumped for it!

Then, that's that. No more home studies, no more documents, no more notarizing... just our messy, noisy, full of love and laughter little life. Cheers to that!

PS- Getting ready to go private due to some advice from bloggers... if you'd like to keep up with the kids, please send your email address and I'll send details. I'll delete addresses from comments as soon as I reply. Sorry... but it does seem like it's time. This blog has seen us through an amazing journey, and now I want to tuck it away safely. I will probably use it more to update pics of the kids after we come through our anniversary posts. Thanks for all the support.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look Back...

I had to step over 3 dolls and around a life size doll house, past a toddling beauty, and through a trail of toys to sneak off to my laptop tonight... how great is that?!?!

I had this pull to peek back at "this time last year", knowing it would stir up all kinds of emotions and memories... and it did, but looking back is soooooo good for me. I can't explain it, except that I can remember writing many of those posts last year through a haze of tears, and when I read them now, my cheeks hurt from smiling because it was all worth it.

So, with that said, and with a little wild woman waiting in the next room, I am signing off... leaving you with a linkback to January 2008 if you want to remember, too. Remember, start at the bottom... oh, blogger!

Much love!