Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lost and Found Pics

I just found these pics when I was looking back through some pics from our time in Antigua with baby girl. I took them intending to do a "She's Coming to America" post... must have had other things on my mind, huh?!?!

Well, they are just too cute to sit in a folder in my computer. Lucy is in Sammy's old overalls (check out the frog cuffs) and his baby boy RL American Flag hat... take a look at my little patriot!

I owe so many updates it is just ridiculous! Sweet girl has TWO teeth and Sam starts T-ball on Saturday! Life is busy and just wonderful.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fav Fotos Friday & Happy 10 Months

Is it possible? I tried and tried , but this day came... another month older (on the 18th). Someone asked me how old Lucy was yesterday, and I answered, "9 months". I held out right up to the day! Luciana is 10 months old! Her tooth has broken through, though not enough for a pic, and she is definitely crawling in her own unique way! By the way, for anyone counting, Sam is 5 years, 8 months, and 10 days old. Just to be fair.

As happy as ever!

Hmmmmm.... life really is good.

Much love.

ps- I know it is Thursday... give me credit for even sitting long enough to post! ;-)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Prediction

My prediction:

1st tooth and crawling by the end of the week!

Judging by how miserable my girl is today, the drooling, runny nose, chewing fingers (or whatever is nearby), and boycotting naps... the tooth is on it's way. I can see it, pressing those poor little gums and I just wish it would poke through to give her some relief! Lucy has such a happy, bubbly personality that it would be hard for the average observer to know that she is miserable. She has smiled and waved her famous wave all day... until we got home... and oh MAN... she is letting me know that she is NOT a happy camper. Wish us luck tonight!

In crawling news, we have moved quickly from rolling, to the hop, to what is scarily close to crawling. I remember enough about Sam crawling to know that I was not in a hurry for this newest skill! (hee hee) Luciana is ready to MOVE! I can tell you already that with her spunky little personality, I am going to be on the run when she gets moving!

Spring is here, with only a few patches of snow remaining, and we are so glad to be outside. Maybe the first crawling post will be from the yard! Well, there you have it. The latest news from the peachcin home.

PS- Who has tried and true teething tips???

Friday, April 11, 2008

Dizzy Dreams

I Think I Am Seeing A Pattern

Luciana was happily "boinging" so I decided to vacuum. I came around the corner to this:
Truly, I promise, she takes most of her naps in her crib... I don't know what is going on! I am going to take it to mean that she is just so comfortable in her home!

A blurry shot, but I had to include it to show proof of the the vacuuming... I was that close to her!

This time, I got video before whisking her off to her crib... where she is now happily babbling away! I don't get it.
Video soon... it's a riot... she coughs and wakes herself up enough to bounce, and then right back to sleep! What a riot... I love this girl!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Think She Was Tired?

I knew it was too quiet...

If you only knew what I had to go through most days to coax a nap out of this child... this was not what I expected to see! Sweetheart! No, I did not leave her there... she is napping peacefully in her crib... not something I can often say! Quick... what can I get done???
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Big News!

Big news is certainly relative, isn't it? We have a few announcements that range from JOYFUL to "trivial to some, but HUGE to me"! Ha!

Okay, in no particular order:

1) I cut me hair. Short. I mean really short. Why? Not sure. I am blaming post baby hormones! I went in for a sort of "Natalie Portman in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" look and came home with more of a "Jamie Lee Curtis embracing her age" look... and along came the epiphany that I am 32 and not 23. Even still, I am liking it... it is freeing!

2) I am going back to work. This decision comes with the obvious host of emotions, but, for the most part, I am really excited. I love teaching and have enjoyed being home for 2 years to be with Sam and to bring Luciana home, and now it is time to get back to the grind! Truly, I look at the timing of bringing her home as such a blessing. March to August (and a month in Guate) is more than most Mama's maternity leave. Luciana is so well adjusted, and so social... I feel very comfortable with her going to some type of child care. I really don't know what that will be yet, but the research has begun. So, I will go back to teaching 3rd grade at the school that I love, and paycheck that we need! I will miss being home and all the joy that has come with that, but this is what our family needs at the moment. Isn't that what it is all about? What our families need in any given moment? Later... who knows? I am looking forward to it, but am also very aware of making this time with my kiddos really count. That being said, I need to get to the other announcements so I can start my day with the munchkins!

3) LUCIANA SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT! WOOHOO!! Way to go, Baby Girl! She also drank from her first sippy cup without help... the whole thing! (I am well aware that the fact that things like this thrill me falls into that "relative big news" category!)

Eli (aka: Little Pea) is OUT OF PGN!

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Thank God. And, that sweet little nugget turns one tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Big Boy! Congratulations, Steph and Jason. You have been so strong and shown such grace in these many months. We could not be happier for you! Steph, who says crystal ball readings are a hoax?!?

5) Sam lost his first tooth. Now, of course, you already know that, don't you? Well, let me tell you, he is STILL talking about it. For those of you who have fained amazement time and time again as he pulls that bottom lip down to reveal his prideful hole, thank you! Yesterday, snuggled up next to me talking about this and that, he announced that he thought of 4 more people he thought hadn't seen his missing tooth, and would be excited to do so. So, Caitlin and Tj, Jack and Maggie... be prepared, Sam has something to show you!

Okay, honestly, I could keep going on and on... tales of the hopping (as opposed to crawling) girl, my adventures with "table food" for babe, our exciting visit with Reese the dancing machine, and how nervous and excited I am to meet a friend for coffee later today without any children! BUT, it really is time for me to pay attention to my critters... and to get ready for a special visit! Shhhh... don't tell Cassie and Krista, but we have a special friend stopping by today!

Also, I have some great pics from a visit with Bobbi's crew and Luciana's Godparents... must get those up here soon or the Barbara will be sure to gently remind me that she would like to see those up here.

More soon. Much love.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I've Been Home For 1 Month!

Hey all,

I am still here, getting used to life with my family, and still as happy as ever! Did you know that we have been home for one month!?? Where does the time go? My Mom hasn't been "blogging" as much because she is really busy playing with me and being good about sharing me with the many visitors that come by to say hello and make a big fuss over me. I love it! We still make sure to read the blogs of our Guatatot friends and are happy for everyone who is home, and hopeful for those getting closer to coming home. Mommy has been "tagged" a bunch of times and promises to sit down some night soon to reply to her tags... she says my brother needs to help her with that task. Anyway, I am here and happy! One month down, forever to go!

Much love,