Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Prediction

My prediction:

1st tooth and crawling by the end of the week!

Judging by how miserable my girl is today, the drooling, runny nose, chewing fingers (or whatever is nearby), and boycotting naps... the tooth is on it's way. I can see it, pressing those poor little gums and I just wish it would poke through to give her some relief! Lucy has such a happy, bubbly personality that it would be hard for the average observer to know that she is miserable. She has smiled and waved her famous wave all day... until we got home... and oh MAN... she is letting me know that she is NOT a happy camper. Wish us luck tonight!

In crawling news, we have moved quickly from rolling, to the hop, to what is scarily close to crawling. I remember enough about Sam crawling to know that I was not in a hurry for this newest skill! (hee hee) Luciana is ready to MOVE! I can tell you already that with her spunky little personality, I am going to be on the run when she gets moving!

Spring is here, with only a few patches of snow remaining, and we are so glad to be outside. Maybe the first crawling post will be from the yard! Well, there you have it. The latest news from the peachcin home.

PS- Who has tried and true teething tips???


Bobbi said...

OH, Poor Lucy!! Ok, the Oragel swabs are awesome. Also, the teething tablets seem to help some. Motrin also helps.

Hope she is better tomorrow....boycotting naps?? Oh, sure now you boycot the naps......:>)

Kerri said...

Poor Lucy! Hope that tooth pakes it's appearance soon. We think Motrin rocks at our house. Can't wait to see that little video of a crawling Lucy. ;-)
Kerri and Ruby

Laurie said...

Poor Lucy. I agree MOTRIN! Works much better than Tylenol. Our favorite flavor is Tropical Fruit Punch which I have only been able to find at Wal mart. The hardest thing I had to learn was to medicate Bella differently that I do myself. I have heard of people giving frozen peas to chew on. Also Bella had this vibrating star teether by First Years that she could bite on and she seemed to really like that. I found it at the grocery store believe it or not. Here is a link to what it looks like.


Donna said...

Wow! I've been checkin' your blog, but I had not seen the last few posts. How wierd is that!?!

I'm laughing my butt off at your hair cut post - that was some funny stuff!

Lovin' Lucy fallin' asleep everywhere. Maybe you should take a picture of her sleepin' in your crib, just we know... ;-)

And sorry, I never did find a good teething solution. Good luck, poor little thing!

(And yes, we are coming to Maine, hopefully in August! Yippee!)

Victoria & Joe said...

Is the growing up things so full of emotions... You want them to learn to crawl, and get teeth and walk and talk yet we want them to stay small and cuddly.. How do you win?

Anonymous said...

Best teething remedy I found was to get a good thick washcloth damp (sometimes I added a few drops of vanilla extract) and freeze it for my son to chew on. The combination of the cold and the texture of the towel must have been soothing because nothing else outside medication work for him! You have a lovely family - congratulations on Lucy's homecoming!

Laura said...

I'm loving the pictures you've been posting! She is growing so fast, and Sam is such a cutie pie too!

I can't wait to see the cut!

Teething... the only thing I ever did with my two kids is use a washcloth with the corner wet with really cold water. They would just suck on that and it seemed to be just the right shape and size and was very comforting to them.

Good luck!

Love to all!

Steph said...

Poor girl!! Maybe Sam can teach her to show off her new tooth! One is losin' and one is gettin'!

Guatemama said...

There are big things going on in your house all the time. So have your predictions come true yet? How is Lucy feeling? I am excited to hear that she can roll. Anika still can't. She is crawling now and pulling up on things so I am not so concerned about her as I was....
The egg with the flower that Alex has I found at walgreens. Just crack it open and add water. I forgot to answer you before..