Monday, April 7, 2008

I've Been Home For 1 Month!

Hey all,

I am still here, getting used to life with my family, and still as happy as ever! Did you know that we have been home for one month!?? Where does the time go? My Mom hasn't been "blogging" as much because she is really busy playing with me and being good about sharing me with the many visitors that come by to say hello and make a big fuss over me. I love it! We still make sure to read the blogs of our Guatatot friends and are happy for everyone who is home, and hopeful for those getting closer to coming home. Mommy has been "tagged" a bunch of times and promises to sit down some night soon to reply to her tags... she says my brother needs to help her with that task. Anyway, I am here and happy! One month down, forever to go!

Much love,


Guate4Jack said...

Great picture!! I'm here all the time looking for updates. Enjoy your time!

Becky and Jack

Bobbi said...

SHHHHHH don't tell Cassie and Krista I am coming to see you again. Those cheeks need more kissing!!!

Greta Jo said...

Luciana- I was starting to worry about you... I am happy to read you are doing well. Oh, and I love the new photo. :)


Donna said...

1 month home and 1 month cuter!! Keep on loving her and enjoy your days as much as you can. It is just such a special time!

Steph said...

CUTE!!!! Hey sweet girl, tell your momma that she has some online friends who want to ooooh and ahhhh and fuss over you, too!! hee hee ;)

So happy that LIFE IS GOOD!!

Auntie G said...

Those eyes are to die for!!
Happy 1 Month!!

Kerri said...

Happy one month home, precious girl!
Kerri and Ruby

Laurie said...

Luciana I am glad your first month went well! I love that picture of you...absolutely adorable!