Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It just does not seem possible that on this day last year I was packing last minute things, checking and double checking flights, itineraries, and passports, and getting ready to somehow say good-bye to Keith all the while trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach preparing to be reunited forever with my sweet baby girl.

One year ago tomorrow is playing over and over in my mind like an old family movie... I can see each moment... Sam and I grabbing hands, Mom and I wiping away tears of anticipation, walking off an elevator in a strange land straight into an embrace I will never forget.

Tomorrow?!? How is it possible?


Bobbi said...

I remember those days leading up to get her. Where has this year gone?? Congratulations!! Happy one year.

Much Love

Susie said...

Time really does fly doesn't it? I think the memories of all of the last minute preparations will stay with us forever on some level, don't you? Congrats on these milestones--we're right behind you!

Steph said...

Oh wow. I remember those days, too. I think we chatted the day before you left. Isn't it crazy how time seemed to stop at that time, but the last year has just flown by?! I hope you had a great family celebration tonight!

See you tomorrow! ;););)