Thursday, April 30, 2009

All Smiles

This would prove to be the last pic of Sam's smile with his two front teeth!

The very next day, one tooth fell out at school! So, that night, naturally, the Tooth Fairy came. The very next night, the Easter Bunny came! And one week to the day, the Tooth Fairy was back again for that second front tooth! Our house is has been very busy while we have been sleeping! I knew I needed to snap this pic quickly! There is something about those two front teeth that changes the way our babies look... growing up, like it or not!
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Bobbi said...

yes, they do grow up, and those big front teeth really make them look older. Krista's are all through now, and I miss that toothless grin she had for a few months.

Not only has your house been busy while you sleep, but expensive:>)