Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sam's First Blog Slideshow... for your viewing pleasure!
PS- You will have to press play on the first slide to view.


Bobbi said...

What a great slide show, Sam!! Smilebox is fun, isn't it?? Look at that toothless grin!!!

Great shots of the beauty! I need to see her more so that I can see those smiles!! Soon, soon

Steph said...

Great slideshow, Sam! I love it!! Maybe you should take over the blog for your mom? hehe!

Susie said...

Great job Sam! I love your toothless smile--you and your sister are quite a pair . . . Hugs from Oklahoma!

Laura said...

I love the slideshow!!!

Beautiful smiles---all around!

Love ya bunches,

Auntie Laura

Anonymous said...

Loved the show!!
any plans for Lucy's 2nd?