Monday, June 29, 2009

Road Trip

Here are a few images from our family trip to Rangeley Lake last week. School ended, and we loaded the wagon and headed to a lovely cabin just above the lake.... all thanks to our friends Sue and John! We swam, "hiked", poked around town, fished, did some mean paddle boating, and just enjoyed each other. Two things you need to know before viewing this slideshow... I swore off hair product and make-up while away (be warned!) and, the music for this montage was free and not my first choice for the "mood" of our trip... use your imagination!??! Enjoy! Here's to summer vacation!

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Steph said...

Oh, how wonderful!!! It looks like an amazing place! I love Sammy's toothless grin and Lucy being swallowed up by the life jacket! So sweet.

Bobbi said...

Well, imagine my surprise when I get home to find updates!!! YEAH!!! Lucy is so big. I need to see her more, and I love Sam's haircut, he is growing up. How did our babies get to be 7--almost??

Looks like you had fun on your trip. Now, how do you look that good w/o hair product????