Monday, April 2, 2007

An Update: By Popular Demand

I wish there was more to tell....

Last week we met with our case worker to review the Home Study Report. Keith and I sat side by side on the couch ottoman, each with our own copy of the report, and read the summary of our existence. Talk about surreal. (By the way, we look good on paper! ha ha ha) It was a very bizarre moment in time, and then it was done. We approved the report, then hopped in the car and set off for a week long family vacation.

Now, we are back, happy to see the snow has melted, and are trying to navigate the road ahead. We have decided to spend the next couple of weeks talking to the powers that be to learn more about the various country programs. Though we feel a strong pull toward Guatemala, the looming threats to close/change the adoption program there leave an unsettled feeling, and we believe we owe it to ourselves to explore all options before we commit. That's really all that is going on at the moment. We are on a self-imposed time out. What's a few weeks when you are planning forever?

In the meantime, our friends Bobbi and Joe have come home from Guatemala with the newest addition to their family! Welcome home, Reese!
Much love.

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Laura said...

It is so good to hear an update! I think about you so often, and how hard it must be to wait, for so long. I can't wait until you have your beautiful little girl rocking in your arms! How wonderful!

I love the picture of Mickey, but where are the rest? Do you post an album online anywhere?

Love to the fam!