Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just an Update

We have been making the absolute most of summer and are having a blast. Most days, I am off running to some beach or park with the kids. We have spent a lot of time playing, and both kids are doing great!

Soon, I will be back to teaching, Sam will be in First Grade, and Luciana will be in childcare. That day is coming quickly for us, so we are just filling up our time doing all the amazing things you are supposed to do in the summer in Maine! Most recently, we had a great time catching crabs in tidal pools and making a dam in a stream heading to the ocean. These simplest of moments are what I love about living in Maine with children. Luciana is a total beach babe and relishes in splashing and crawling all over the beach... and eating sand a rocks, of course!

Lucy is on the go for sure! She crawls and climbs everywhere. Last Saturday she took her first steps! Fittingly, we were at a picnic for adopting families. How cool! Her mobility just recently lead to her first "shiner" as she fell near our treadmill and took a hit to her sweet little face! Ugh! I still shudder thinking about it. I was tempted to snap a pic, but I couldn't do it... which is why we have yet to document those first steps! We will soon when she's really going!

Otherwise, it's pretty ho-hum, lazy days of summer around here. We play hard and sleep well! Sam's 2nd tooth and aproaching birthday have been hot topics around our house, and Luciana's first words and steps keep us totally amazed. First words: Dada, thank you, uh-oh, yay, and finally Mama! She is on the brink of more... she clearly has lots to say!

Pics soon... I hope.
Much love.


Angie said...

Wow Luciana is adorable! I love, love, love her name too! It sounds like you all have had a great summer.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous summer! Enjoy, enjoy! They grow too fast!