Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Each time I have passed those little "Baby's First Halloween" onsies that have been all over the stores this month, I was reminded of this time last year when my heart was aching for a sweet baby girl who was so far away that I couldn't hold all of my longing for her in one heart. Halloween is such a corny and silly holiday, but holidays are each like little timelines of memories and moments, and I knew we were missing this one with her last year. I wondered if she was wearing the little onsie we had sent after our first visit with her... also in October of last year. I wondered if she could even remember those strangers who had loved her up for one very amazing week in her life only a few weeks before. It's funny what certain times of month can bring back in emotion... Well, these pics just scream, "Look how far we've come, baby!" We had a blast... the "little stinker", Darth Vader, and Raggedy Ann! Daddy went as a business executive... with and orange tie, to be clear that he really knows how to shake things up! We were visited by Didi and Papa, and the whole night was festive and fun. We hope yours was, too!

Happy Halloween!

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PS- Check out the little stinker one year ago!


Kerri said...

Oh how things can change in a year. Glad this year is so much better. Love the costumes!!!

Bobbi said...

Beth, how did I know to come over and say hi today? I have been thinking alot about where you were last year too.

You did an awsome Raggedy Anne and Sam and Lucy look so cute!! She has really changed--again.

Glad she was here with you this year--funny how special these moments become.

I remember those jammies--Reese had the same ones!!

Keith, you know how to live it up!!

Steph said...

Oh, how things have changed. I have had those same thoughts and rushes of grateful emotion.

The costumes are adorable, but where is Keith?!?!

Stacy said...

Oh, you guys look GREAT!
Super costumes!!!
I share similar feelings with you about last year. I posted them on my blog also.


Terry said...

Oh how I love and hate the "at this time last year" thoughts and memories. It's not fun remembering the times that our children were not home, but wonderful that that isn't still the case.

Y'all are ADORABLE!! Love Darth, love the stinker and Ragedy Ann, You are precious! :)

Betsy said...

Great pics! Great costumes! Look forward to catching up on all I've missed in your lives. Your family is beautiful.

Daphne said...

very cute! I love your blog layout too!