Thursday, December 11, 2008

Has It Really Been a Year?!?

One year ago, I heard words I will never forget from a woman I would never meet thousands of miles away... One year ago, I was told that Luciana was OUT of PGN! It is so hard to imagine how my every waking moment was consumed with "OUT" and PGN, to call, not to call, stalking Guatadopt and plotting timelines... sound familiar to anyone?

I can remember everything about the joy of that night... where I was and what I did right after, the shouts of cheer from families and friends, the "special delivery", the tears and the laughter. We took the first deep breath we had taken in a very long time. The days and weeks to follow would prove to be some of the most challenging in my life, but this night one year ago was simply joyful.

Take a look back: One Year Ago



Bobbi said...

Thought of you today!! A day neither of us will forget. Glad I have happy memories for this day too.

Much Love

Kerri said...

Reading that post from last year brought tears to my eyes. I remember reading it then. I remember everything about my out call to and it still seems surreal when I think about it.
Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!

Steph said...

Oh yes, I remember that day so clearly!!!! Happy, happy day!!

Emily said...

WOW- Can't believe it's been a year! Boy, do I remember last year at this time....and am so grateful for where we are now. The pics of the kids are awesome as usual...Luciana is getting so big and she is so,so cute. Love the dress and how her hair is getting longer. Wishing you a very, Merry Christmas!!

Guatemama said...

Oh wow do I remember those wonderful few days last year too! We both got the best holiday gifts EVER EVER! It seems like it has been only a few months ago and a lifetime ago at the same time.
Have a great Holiday!
Love the pictures on your last post! I think Luciana and Anika have the same personality. I think Sam and Alex would have a lot to talk about...:)