Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Many Ways We Love Our Children

Please visit these two blogs and take some time to hold your babies a little closer after you do...

The first: My FRIEND Donna... mother to two bea-u-ti-ful twin boys full of yummy deliciousness, became a family in their own heartwarming (heartbreaking at times) journey, living a life full of some of the greatest, cry-your-eyes-out-from-laughing stories... I honestly love this woman and her family, have had the honor of meeting them and knowing their hearts in person, and am so stinkin' proud of her for her most recent post that I want you all to go read it immediately... click Donna. While you are there, and after you put down the tissues, take time to read back over some of the adventures of Austin and Logan, if you can take your eyes off their gorgeous smiles long enough... I often can't! You will be so glad you did!

Second: Dawn When you read Donna's post (above link) you will know what I know of Dawn and her family and you will know what to do.... be there for them the way that we were there for each other. I am so grateful to Donna for sharing Dawn's journey with us, and after wiping away buckets of tears, I felt joyful because I (selfish, selfish) believe we are going to be able to share in a BIG JOY! I also feel we may each learn a little something from this family's strength and grace. Take a minute, meet Dawn's family, and send some blog-love! They are a remarkable family, that is already clear to me. Let's lift them up folks!

Much love.


Donna said...

Bethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - you so sweet, you make-a-me cryyyyyyyyy!

THANK YOU for sharing the info, I guess you saw Dawn's recent post where it looks like it will be longer again - but I so agree with you, the house is gonna come down when these kids finally come home!! Bring on the prayers AND the party!!

Now, since I'm not coming up there again (unless it's under cloak and dagger disguise, which I'm not opposed to...) WHEN ya coming down hereya!!?!

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