Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Growing Up...

Luciana is 2 1/2 years old now... 2 1/2 years of stinkin' cuteness. She is a live wire, constantly talking, constantly moving, and constantly getting her cute little self into worlds of trouble! If she is not coloring on the walls and furniture, she is turning somersaults in the living room while singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider for all of our entertainment. She is such an affectionate little thing; hugging is a big deal around here! Potty training is the other big deal these days... involving many hours sitting, singing Blue's Clues, and clapping to encourage her new talent! Now that Lucy is talking (and talking, and talking, and talking), we take great joy in her adorable phrases and pronunciations. She has so many funny names for things that are so close to the real thing they just make you smile. I always say it, but I really do have to start to write some of them down. My favorite phrases currently all happen at bedtime...

L: Is it goodnight moon time, Mama?
B: Yes, it is goodnight moon time.
L: OK.
L: Goodnight moon. I love you, I do. Goodnight Mama. I love you, I do. Goodnight Daddy. I love you, I do. Goodnight Sammy. I love you, I do. (She goes on to include grandparents, friends, teachers, and stuffed animals!!! ACK! CUTE!!)

I remember when Lucy was a baby, people would always ask us if she was "that happy all the time"... and she was. Then she wasn't. We definitely went through a phase that was rather ugly with our little princess. She was a screamer... car screamer, bed screamer, dinner screamer, etc. I remember thinking how frustrated she must be to not have the words to tell us what she needed and wanted. It was so clear to us that she really understood us and the world around her, but she took awhile to be able to tell us her own thoughts. In time, the words came, and with it went the screaming... well, most of it. Sam could probably get a good shout out of her quickly! The Lucy we wake up to now is a much happier, spirited little girl, and has that same twinkle in her eye that we remember from our first moments together. She is also fiercely independent, fearless, and stubborn for sure, but more that anything, she is happy and sweet and full of an infectious love that melts our hearts daily.

Since Lucy started talking, life has been a waterfall of newness.... colors, counting, ABC's, songs, stories, pretend playing... and even the occasional "knock knock" joke she lifts from her brothers repertoire! She is a sponge and a siv all at once... absorbing everything just to turn around and share it with us. What fun! Other updates include her move to a toddler bed after too many jail breaks from the crib... our girl is a climber! She really loves her little bed, and we love our return to a full nights sleep... most nights!

Lucy provides us with daily stories of the adventures of a talking, running, giggling toddler. She has such a love of life, and we count our blessings for both of our wonderful children every day. Because blogging has taken such a back seat since returning to work (oh, and living with a 2 year old), I feel so inadequate in my attempt to summarize all the ways Lucy has grown up and all the tiny little facets that contribute to who she is in this one post. But, for now, I feel a little better that some of her flavor is recorded here... and how delicious she is!

Much love.


Donna said...

Yay!!! A perfect little update to capture these precious little years! Too cute! She sounds just adorable!

Hey - did you hear? We have a wedding to attend in Old Towne, ME - Sept 3rd, 2010. I'll keep you updated!! Nonnie may be coming, too!

Bobbi said...

OH, I need to see her more!!! I miss all that stuff!! So glad she is finally talking, and talking, and talking. We need to chat again. I have meant to call you ALL week. Maybe while we are snowed in this weekend.
I loved your other post about Sam. Did read it, just haven't been good about commenting!

Hope you all had a great Charistmas!! You forogt the monkey faces:>)

Steph said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Thank you for indulging us! She sounds like such a joy!

JCW said...

They really are the Terrific Twos! Thanks for sharing. --Judy

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