Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Memories

Today is my 35th birthday.  I am sitting in bed surrounded by handmade cards, flowers, and empty plates where eggs and toast were only moments ago.  The house is empty, and I have been left too "relax".  My birthday has always marked the end of summer and the beginning of a season of change.  This year is no different, but it is (to me) noteworthy because it will be a summer I will always, always remember.  The weather could not have been more beautiful, and my children could not have been better ages and spirits for enjoying just exactly what summer vacation was created for.  Put simply, we had a blast!  So, as we head into 3rd grade, preschool, and a new job (school librarian, btw) for mama, I can stamp this moment with gratitude, awe, and a sentimental sigh. 

Knowing only too well that this "relaxing" moment will come to close shortly, I am going to leave a sampling of those summer memories in the form of pics via the iphone in a post to follow.

Happy fall to all!  As the leaves begin to change, I feel a real peace for my own little family and our place in the world.  Life is good.

Love, love, love...

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