Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 9 Months!

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Kerri said...

Yay! I love all the pics!!!
Kerri and Ruby

Bobbi said...

Look at how grown up you are, Lucy!! Already sticking your tongue out and everything!! Smart girl!!

Great pics at the beach! BRRRR

Auntie G said...

Happy 9 Months Lucy!!!
The pictures are just precious!!!

Guate4Jack said...

ADORABLE!! Happy 9 months and welcome home!

Becky and Jack

Laura said...

Love the pics!


Terry said...

Stunning! Happy 9 months sweet girl!


Guatemama said...

Happy 9 Months Lucy!!

She is stunning! What a wonderful shower!! It looks like you have a wonderful village for Sam and Lucy. I am glad that I can be a part of your virtual village too. :) Great beach pictures. Sam I bet you had a blast showing Lucy the Ocean. Way to go big brother! Alex wants to go there with you sometime.

Anonymous said...

Happy 9 months, Lucy!!!
Look, you stick that tongue out like Jaiden!!! You look as beautiful as ever. Sam, your the greatest big brother ever!!! Love and miss you all bunches.

Aunt Katie

Love the pics at the beach, Lucy is getting the rosey red cheeks already. How cute:)

Kelly said...

She is just beautiful!!

Michelle Smiles said...

Welcome home!!!! She is stunning. Congrats on having your family together.

Laurie said...

Soooo pretty! You all look so happy and I love seeing all the pictures of your welcome home!

The gFamily said...

Happy 9 Months Baby Girl!! I am so glad you are home with your wonderful family! I love those rosy cheeks! So precious!