Monday, March 10, 2008


We are here and will update sometime soon.... I promise.... All is well, settling in, and STILL unpacking in between wonderful visits with family and friends!! Our welcome home was so touching... happy, happy, happy. Luciana and Sam are LOVING being HOME!!! We are SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I am finding it much harder to be in touch (update blog/email/return calls) than I expected... though I know we have only been home 3 days and it is to be expected... so, if you are wanting to come by, meet the girl, welcome us home, or just check in... please, please call or stop by! Luciana is doing a great job of meeting new family and friends!

PS_ My computer has not been working until tonight... it took it's own "vacation"!!!


Bobbi said...

Keith, I think she needs a new computer!! (only kidding don't withhold that girl from me!)

We can't wait to see you, but we are waiting until things are settled a bit--BUT, I know we will talk soon when things settle down.

Can't wait for a Lucy at home picture.

Take it slow and easy.......SO glad you are home, home, home!!

Nicole said...

Welcome home!!!

I know what you mean about finding time for blogging once you get home - I still have a number of catch up posts from my last few days in Guate...

Can't wait to see those pics of Lucy at home!

Sandi said...

Sounds like you guys are adjusting well. Glad to hear you are all safe and sound. :)

Kerri said...

Yay! So happy you all made it home. Can't wait to see pics when you have a chance to get settled in.
Kerri and Ruby

Terry said...

Seconding Bobbi....take it slow and easy. Don't worry about updating right now. Take care of yourselves first and when things settle down, then you can fill us all in.



Guatemama said...

Welcome home!!!!!!!!
So happy for you!
Tracy Jens Alex and Anika

Thomas said...

Welcome home Beth, Keith, Sam, and Luciana!!!! I can't wait to see her in person! Mary Jane told me how cute she was and how Piper was so entranced by her. Take Care and see you soon.

PS: If you need computer help, please let me know! Its what I should be doing right now at work! :0

Talk to you soon.

Steph said...

Woohoo!! Welcome home!! Can't wait for the details!!

Guate4Jack said...

Welcome home!! I can't wait to see pictures at home either. I wish I was close enough to visit. Take your time getting settled in and enjoy every moment!

Becky and Jack

Donna said...

YAY!! Welcome Home!! It takes a surprising long/wonderful time to get readjusted to life. We'll be here when you're ready to come back - no rush!


Auntie G said...

Welcome Home!!
Looking forward to seeing pictures.

Laurie said...

I'm so glad you guys are home! I can't wait for more pictures and your amazing eloquent posts! I wanna come over and visit! It's just a 12+ hour drive! :)

Anonymous said...

In spirit, we have come to your house a thousand times. We think of you all so often and have planned to pick up the phone a million times besides, but, as you now know, with two children and all the unexpected things that come up, it hasn't happened. Please know that we're beaming for you.

XXXX Tamar

Anonymous said...

Where do I start? Congrat's on the newest addition to our family! We love you Lucy! I'm so glad that the three cousins could finally meet! It was a wonderfull afternoon, with grandparents and great grandparents. Sam is so great with his baby sister! Next time we're all together, will be another time to celebrate! Great visit, miss and love you all very much.

Aunt Kate

P.S. Sam I read Jaiden her new story book, and she listened to the whole story. Jaiden loves it so much! Thank you.

Terry said...

OK...I think we've waited long enough. Time for pictures, mama! :)