Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Agency Update

This is a cut and paste/word for word update from my agency. Bloggers and Guatamommas will not need translation. Loving family and friends, translation to follow in future post.

"We are going to file for DNA this week. We are preparing everything for Family Court as well. Family Court will be in 1-2 weeks. The US Embassy is taking almost 2 months to issue the Letter of Consent that we need for PGN so we will be done in Family Court before the US Embassy issues the Consent."

PS- This update is brought to you by request of my lovely and caring "secret blog pal" who reminds me, like my amazing family and friends, that there are folks out there as (almost) eagerly awaiting any news of our sweet Guatabundle.

PPS- Dear Secret Blog Pal, You are the coolest pal ever to think of our son on his birthday!! He so deserves to be recognized in this process. :) He was so thrilled to receive a gift to Build-A-Bear and can NOT wait to go... I am holding off for a rainy day and promise to post a picture of his new "friend". He actually (no LIE) made up a song about "secret blog pal" which I wonder if many other 5 year olds could EVER relate to! Thank you... so much.

Much love.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update. WOW! I didn't realize that the Embassy was taking so long now. Guess I am out of the loop a bit.

I am so glad that Sam liked the certificate. He does deserve to be remembered in the process. He has a very important role. I hope that he has fun. I love the place!

And, the song.......I'd love to hear that. He does sound very smart.

Keep the updates coming!