Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Am Back

I am back. A computer melt down left me w/o the ability (or will) to keep you all up to date. I have a lot to catch up on... including updated PICTURES!! Unfortunately, that will have to wait until sometime later as I have far too many emails to reply to, and because I am simply too tired after 4 days of endless birthday celebrations as the Big Boy turned 5 last Wednesday! More on that, too. For now, to give you an idea of my mindset at the time, here is a copy of the email I sent to friends using K's computer on learning my own laptop was near death...

"this email is a bit of a conjugal visit.... a "quickie" as my own sadly terminal laptop sits in the ER in [town nearby], sadly alone and longing for my obsessive email and blog searches... i know she is scared... i am the very sad mama of a laptop in need of emergency surgery and can only say that the silver lining is that i discovered her virus before it was too late... she was within hours or days of losing her hard drive completely... and as a photog who is famously lazy at backing up, i can only tell you the panic that ensued was palpable... sooooo.... i am w/o yahoo communication excepting the mini respits brought on by K bringing his LT home... so, if you love me and need to shout out, must call.

hmmmm... should i use this bit of crazy banter on the blog?? sure can see the obvious parallels to the need to obsessively check email for the lack of updates to the fact that old faithful crashed... did i just push her too far????"

Feeling much better now and promise more of the good stuff soon! Yes, pics are coming!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see new pictures of your little one.

Your Secret Blog Pal