Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Parent's Gift

Guatemalan adoption provides adopting parents the option to visit the baby at some point before bringing her home. Some families go, some do not. It is not required, and it is easy to see the pros and cons to either decision. We have always known that we would opt to go. As hard as it will be to leave Luciana after meeting her, holding her, loving her, it is even more to impossible to imagine not meeting her, holding her, loving her. So, we will go. In the fall. I hope.

The most frequently asked question we get is, "Will you bring Sam?". No. This visit is going to be so emotional and very confusing for Luciana, for us, and for her foster family. As much as we have tried to include S in every way possible, this just did not seem like the time. However, we were not ruling out the idea of bringing him when we go to bring her home. We knew that we wanted to be able to include him for this moment, but I have to claim to softball sized hives and minor hyperventilating at the thought of it. New baby, crying/eating/pooping baby, embassy appointment, 5 year old looking for some luvin' from Mom and Dad.... and the plane ride home!?!? Paper bag, paper bag, paper bag!!!

SO, imagine our JOY when my father called to tell us that he and my mother would like to go with us when the time comes to bring Miss Lucy home. IMAGINE! This changes everything!! This is unbelievable!! Come on people, are you kidding me?? What a gift, what an amazing and selfless gift... what can I say. There are few times I am rendered speechless. I am without words for these generous and lovely parents of mine. Love, love, love!

Much love.


Laura said...

What amazing people your parents are! I am so excited for you guys, and so pleased that you get to share this wonderful experience with your parents too!

Betsy said...

Very special parents indeed.
One of the great things about visiting L prior to your p/u trip is that she will enter the US as a citizen. I wish I had done this but I was tight on money and afraid I wouldn't be able to handle the separation from Savanna very well. Looking back, I should have gone. It would have saved me from more paperwork.

Kathryn said...

I check your blog every once and a while, but haven't been as good over the summer. You can imagine my astonishment when I see your gorgeous baby girl sleeping away. (I also loved the family photos!) She is heavenly. I am so happy to hear about your parents and all of the updates. Can't wait to hear and see more.

Anonymous said...

I so agree Miss Beth...your folks are very special. They opened their arms to me and gave me instant friendship when I moved up to Maine. I adore them. I can only imagine how wide their arms are opened to welcome Luciana. You are truly blessed!