Monday, July 16, 2007

Introducing Luciana!!

As most of you know by now, we got the "call"! We have been referred a baby, and we could not be happier. We received an email with pictures and some very limited information on June 26. The baby was born June 18, so she was only 8 days old when we first "met" her. (Love at first sight was only this real when we first held Sam.) She was 5 lbs 8 oz. at birth.

We will keep most of the limited information we have about her birthmother private at this time in order to give her as much respect as we can. All we can say is how much we have had her in our thoughts as she has gone through what must be a truly agonizing decision to choose adoption for her daughter, and we pray she knows how much her baby is already loved.

We accepted her referral after receiving medical and lab reports. We were lucky to have an over the phone consultation with Dr. Lisa Albers from Boston Children's. She was able translate and clarify the medical and lab reports we received from Guatemala and her overall feeling was that she seemed in good health, though small, which we expected. Oh, and she was sure to mention that she is "very cute". Smart woman.

Here is the site that shares some insight from the lovely Dr. Albers:

A lot has happened these last three weeks, but if you are reading this right now, you are really tuned in for are the pics.... am I right?

Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on this bundle of love:

She is 2 days old in this picture. Smiling. She knows she is loved.

Our little bundle.

I dream of kissing these cheeks.

What about her name?!?! We have decided to use Luciana as a first name. (I could write an entire post about the thoughts that went into here name!) She will have 2 middle names. One will be my Mimi's maiden name, the other will be her birthmother's last name. And of course, the oh so Italian last name... girl, all together, it's a mouthful! This name has the strength of many strong and smart women that Miss Luciana will be lucky to learn about in years to come.

Now that the news is out, I will try to get back to regularly scheduled posting. I have had so many moments over the last few weeks that need to be recorded for the sake of journaling; we have had so many loving and supportive words and gestures from friends and family that I want to remember; Sam has been so generous and grounded and sincere with his love for a little sister he has yet to meet.... all these things will be processed further. For now, it is just a joy to share our 4 week old baby girl with you all.

Much love.

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