Monday, July 16, 2007

Big Brother Celebration

We struggled a bit with when and how to tell S about receiving the referral. It was easy to imagine that he would become anxious for Luciana to come home and have a lot of questions that would be challenging to answer. But, after only two days of hiding in the kitchen to talk on the phone in whispers about the "news", it became obvious that it was time to tell him...or risk future therapy to undo the paranoia I was surely beginning to cause in him. Anyway, we have been honest with him throughout this process, and he has done nothing but amaze us. This was no different.

I had done a little prep work on the topic earlier in the day explaining that we expected to hear about the baby soon, that when we did we would receive pictures, that it would still be a very long time before she comes home with us. We talked about how it is not our turn to have her, but we already love her. Anyway, when we showed him her pictures, he just stared in silence and smiled. We talked about the foster mom in the picture and how happy she looked, we noted Lucy's kissable cheeks and happy smirk, we talked about her hair, how little she was, on and on. He just stared. When the last picture appeared, he looked at us and said with a smile, "show me again".

S's face in this makes me laugh... enough pictures already!

Daddy's Boy

That night, we celebrated! We went to the beach and got pier fries and pizza slices. We took our treat of a dinner down to the the beach and had such a nice time. We watched people attempt to swim in the still cold water, watched people on rides, played a couple of arcade games, all the while smiling and feeling like a family who had truly changed in a way that only we knew. We walked around together in a bit of an elated daze and made a good fuss over S in his new role as Big Brother. A truly lovely night.

Later, we shopped. Just a little.

Much love.

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