Monday, July 16, 2007

Frogs, Hippos & Other Girly Things

At the end of our Big Brother celebration, K, S and I each decided to buy something for the baby. K picked out the lavender outfit, I chose pink striped PJ's (I am go crazy for stripes) and a strawberry dress with matching hat, S went for the blue shaky hippo and 2 green frog rattles. I love him. He took his task to heart, checking each rattle until he was sure he had the right one for his baby sister. It was the perfect end to a grand celebration.

Note the strawberry on the bum. Come on!

Love, love, love.

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Anonymous said...

I've just read the entire blog from your first post to the one you did yesterday. Every word, every sentence, every period and crossed "t" is so filled with love and excitement. I am thrilled for you, Keith and Sam....and for Sam and Luciana's grandparents! I look forward with eagerness to read more and to meet the angel God is sending you!

Much love and warm sweet vibes!

Peg Snyder