Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I take pictures. I love it. I pretend to be a photographer and I get to be a part of creating lovely and memorable portraits for families that they can look back on over the years to put a bookmark in time. I believe in the importance of the hallmark event of the "family portrait".

However, I loathe having my picture taken. Truly, it is traumatic experience for me and becomes one for those around me. I am always shocked at the result of the photograph because I think I look so very different than what the photograph produces. I am all gums, my eyes disappear, cheeks to store acorns, and clearly need to hit the gym. Could this be a more shallow reason to keep my son from having pictures of him Mommy at the different stages of our family?!? It's wrong and I know it.

We are required to send photographs of our family to our agency as some part of this whole documentation process. Great. We (I) waited until the last possible moment, woke up one Saturday morning and realized I could hide no more.
It was quick. It was relatively painless. We did laugh and have fun. Instead of "CHEESE", we said, "LUUUCCCYYYY!". It only seems fair to share for those family and friends who said it couldn't be done.... was that a flying pig?!?!

Thank you Sally.


erinberry said...

Your pictures turned out great! And the photos of Luciana are lovely.

Laura said...

You are so funny! I look at this beautiful family and think---wow! What a "beautiful family"!

I am so excited for you guys!

Love ya, Laura

Betsy said...

Luciana is beautiful.
Totally funny re: the pics. I can so relate!

Michelle Smiles said...

Great photos!

I also hate having mine taken but got over it a little when I lived in Guatemala. My husband and I were apart for 2 months so I tried to do a self portrait of Sabrina and I for him almost every day. There were some really awful ones but I knew he was missing us.