Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I am so behind that I don't even know where to begin! I have so much to catch up on, and it sort of has me paralyzed! But, that is just no reason to keep the world waiting on new pics of Baby Girl! We received photos from her 4 week doctor's appointment... they arrived ON Sam's 5th birthday, so that was a nice gift to him! This can be a bit confusing, but here is the deal: she is 4 weeks old in the pictures, but she is almost 8 weeks old now. The medical updates, we are told, tend to come about 3 weeks after the fact. She is at the doctor's office in these pics.

On the day the pictures came, we were all home together for lunch. Keith had come home for his lunch break so we could have Big Boy's lunch together and to let him open his presents. Just before we were about to tear into the good stuff, I (obsessive, obsessive) checked email... and *POP*, there was the update!! We all landed on the couch together, faces squashed together in anticipation as I opened the attachment. Keith and I were speechless as Sam announced, "Mommy, we can see her eyes!!" Love, love, love.

S has been as obsessed with seeing Miss Luciana's eyes as I have been, but for different reasons. S and I both have hazel green eyes... really, it is a bit like having my own personal Mini-Me. S has often felt sort of sad for his Daddy who has (gorgeous) brown eyes... how depressing for him, right? Anyway, several weeks ago he told me that he really hoped Miss Lucy would have brown eyes like Daddy. I told him how sweet and thoughtful that was, and assured him that she would. He was totally frustrated with me, demanding that that was just something I could not possibly know and we would just have to wait for pictures to be sure! Well. Hmph!

So, imagine his relief when we opened the pictures. There they were, those BIG, loving, pools of delicious chocolate brown eyes. We were all reduced to puddles and smiles to see her staring back at us.

Hello World.

Blowing kisses.

Medical update: -El día 18 de JULIO de 2007, se atendió a la niña [Luciana], 1 mes de edad, posee un peso de 06 libras y 12 onzas, una talla de 47.5 centímetros y un perímetro cefálico de 34.0 centímetros. Examen físico normal, examen neurológico normal, examen de abdomen normal.

On 18 July 2007, I examined [Luciana], 1 month of age and she weighed 6 lbs, 12 oz, was 47.5 cms in length and her head circum was 34 cms. Physical examination, normal; neurological, normal, abdomen, normal.

She had gained almost 1lb 4oz. since birth and 2.5 cm in length. Her head circumference has grown 2.5 cm. We can safely say, she is itty bitty.,. and oh, so pretty.

Hoping to get back to your regularly scheduled blogging soon.

Much love.


Anonymous said...


So glad to see new photos. I love the blowing kisses one. She is a peanut, but she is growing nicely.

The story about her eyes brought tears to mine. How sweet is your little boy. What an awesome big brother he is going to be.

Secret Blog Pal

Bobbi said...

Reese says she is pretty!! He can't wait to give her kisses!

We have that picture on the fridge! I love it!

Time for new ones yet???:>)!

Steph said...

How precious!! She is itty bitty!