Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Shoebox Full of Love

I was recently asked (sbp) about packages... recently we were able to send a small package to Luciana by sending it with a Mom who was going to "G" to visit her child. So grateful. I included a letter to the Foster Family that my cousin translated into Spanish. (Thanks Alanna!) It's amazing to be able to send a package. It helped us feel like we were doing something when, most of the time, we are really doing nothing. Also, I was asked if we are planning to go to Guatemala to visit Luciana. (click to read more about this decision) We sure are! I hope that we can plan that trip in (or before!) November.

I am always hopeful that we will get to send another package, or that maybe our trip will come sooner than we anticipate. We look forward to connecting with Luciana and her Foster family in any way possible. Here are the pics of the things we sent CRAMMED into a shoebox: onsies, a few outfits, a disposable camera, creams for FM , and a blank journal with a letter... asking them to tell us about Luciana's days, about themselves, about any and everything that she does... because we are so in love and would love to look back at the time they spent with her to know her better and to know the family who cared for her first.
To Lucy with Love... love, love love!

Much love.

Sam summer slidewhow.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!! that is helpful in my planning/ideas!!

Secret Blog Pal

Steph said...

What a a great idea to send a journal!! You and Luciana will treasure that forever. I know what you mean about feeling like you are doing "something." That is why we took a truckload of stuff to Guatemala on our visit. It was the least we could do to feel like we were taking care of our son.