Monday, January 21, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes!

My 24 hour whirlwind girl's overnight was so good for the soul! Tamar and I had a great time shopping (mostly looking), catching up, and reminiscing! We had dinner at one of our favorite spots in college... the original Pat's Pizza! It has not changed one bit and was every bit as delicious as I remembered! After dinner, we took a drive around our old campus and had a blast thinking of all the memories.

On my drive home today I felt lighter and full of hope. Also, I knew that my attorney would be back from being out of the country and, at the very least, I would be able to learn if we had made any further progress toward bringing Luciana home... well, WE HAVE!

No sooner did I unpack my overnight bag than I was shooting off an email to my attorney. She was great and got right back to me. So, here is the latest update:

At some point over last week, we had passport, were submitted to the US Embassy, and had DNA authorization (ORANGE!). I know a lot of that is confusing to some out there, for those with our checklist...get checking! Here is what is most important... Luciana had her 2nd DNA test today!!! That sound you are hearing? It is me breathing again!

So, to try to cast some clarification, Luciana's DNA was taken in order to assure that she is the same sweet girl we were first fell in love with 7 months ago. (We have no doubt that she is.) The test will be sent to Lab Corp here in the states. After a test is done to confirm the match, the results are sent back to Guatemala. That can take between 7-10 days. Soon after that, the embassy will email us to give us a date to go get our girl!! I know you want to know when, but the best I can guess is mid-February.

We are over the moon today! It was so hard to know that we were probably moving forward last week and not hearing anything. Not knowing allowed for some scary thoughts. I want to thank everyone who offered comfort, it truly meant so much.

We are so close! This is really happening!
I don't know what to do with myself!!!!!!!

AND, believe it or not, we have more BIG news! Sam had his first day of skiing! Thumbs up!

Love, love, love!

PS- Happy Birthday, Tamar!


Nicole said...

So glad you had such a great GIRLS night!!

CONGRATULATIONS on ORANGE and 2nd DNA! Maybe I'll run in to you guys in Guatemala at pick up! :)

Bobbi said...

Way to go Sam! (and Mom--you got the video on there--heehehee).

The finish line is sooooooo close now.You can make it!

Our Love!

Bobbi said...

Way to go Sam! (and Mom--you got the video on there--heehehee).

The finish line is sooooooo close now.You can make it!

Our Love!

Steph said...

I am doin' the happy dance in Ohio!!!! I just KNEW good news would come in a bunch!! WOOHOO!!

And....YAY SAM!!!!

Kerri said...

Yippee!!! The end is getting closer and closer. :)
Kerri and Ruby

Auntie G said...

Great News!! Hope you are packing.

Donna said...

Wow - you can breathe now and my stomach just dropped! I am SOOOOOO excited for you guys!!! So glad you had a great girls weekend and way to go, Sam!! Awesome video!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Come on PINK!!! You are soooooooo close!!!

Guatemama said...

YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! I am jumping up and down over here too! You are much closer to the end than you knew!! YEA YEA I was so hoping that was the case.

Nice Skiing Sam! Alex says "wow I want to try that too" HAPPY HAPPY DAY!

Julie said...

I knew you'd have a ton of news once you were able to contact your attorney!! I'm so happy!!! WOO HOO!!! And...i'm very impressed with Sams skiing too!!!!


Sandi said...

That is so wonderful!!!! Congratulations to you.

Anonymous said...

I heard at school this morning. Yahoo!Yehah!Finally!!
Your sweet family just might be together for Valentine's DAy. Wouldn't that just be the greatest gift you all could share that day.
Love to you all. Happy peaceful (fast) thoughts, Terri O

Emily said...

Congratulations!! No more "Quiet Blog"!

So happy to hear you had such a great weekend only to come back to such wonderful news. Luciana will be home SO soon. :-)


Anonymous said...
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KimN said...

Hooray for the great news! She is definitely a cutie!

Anonymous said...

It took be a long while to figure out that the set up of this was different. Ah ha, I like it.
Well, we're down here in xxxx thinking of you up there in xxxx.
auntie deb

Anonymous said...

Hearing your voice tonight brought so much relief and excitement at such a trying time. You are so strong and even when you think you can fight no more, you bring out these boxing gloves and more energy and determination then you ever thought you had within you. Adoption is ever so trying on a marraige, family, and ones self... the reflecting, growing, waiting, praying, and faith you put into the system and this child that you know you were meant to love unconditionally! You are almost there Beth! Hold on tight and continue to embrace the obstacles that are placed infront of you. What a secret experience you have waiting! And again, thank you for our wonderful girls' night... here you were, supporting me and picking me up when my tribulations are so insignificant in the big scheme of things. What are friends for?! XXXOOO Always here for you. Tamar

Guatemama said...

Hi Beth!
I just wanted to check in with you!! I am so excited you should have PINK and day now!!!!!!!!!! Let me know the latest...

Donna said...

Hi Beth! Thinking about you guys SO much right now!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today. Congratulations! I was hooked instantly when I read that your daughters name is Luciana. We brought our daughter home from Guatemala 4 months ago and her name is Luciana also! Enjoy your beautiful daughter.