Thursday, January 3, 2008

Writer's Block

I know, I know... enough with the big snow globe! You guys, I just don't know what to say right now. Christmas came and went and it was really lovely. We spent time with both sides of our family and felt very lucky for some truly quality visits. Santa was good to Sam, and though we missed Lucy, we loved sharing in the magic of Christmas with our sweet boy. New Year's came and went and it was a blast. We had opportunities to reflect over the last year (whoa!) and to raise a glass with good friends to the next year (woohoo!), and now here we are in 2008.

I have so enjoyed reading other blogs where my blog friends have reflected and shared their 2007, and I have loved seeing their resolutions, wishes, and goals. I don't know what it is, I am just stuck. I sit down to share all this stuff rattling around in my head, the reflections, the wishes and hopes, even the stuff keeping me up at night, but I just can't get there. I have writer's block.

I think the reason is obvious. I should have had more updates by now. I should have one post after the other to countdown the steps that will bring us closer to bringing Luciana home forever, but we just have not heard one single word since the adoption decree was signed. It is not for lack of effort. I email my agency regularly, but I just don't hear back. It is a bit maddening. We could be stuck with a BC problem, or we could have progressed and just not know about it. I just don't know. Today was the first day that I became really irritated about not hearing anything. It is time to stop waiting and start planning our life with our daughter. It is time.

After talking with Keith about it, he took a crack at sending an email himself. Yup. He sent a poem in hopes that a little humor would lighten some spirits and inspire a response. Nothing yet. It at least made me laugh.

So, in the meantime, we did have a very special moment on the first day of 2008. With the help of my wonderful cousin, Alanna, we called Luciana's foster mother for the first time! It was so amazing! We had held off calling in the past because I felt like it might be too hard. Well, there was nothing hard about the call! It was wonderful! When we called, Magda was outside with all of her family, including Lucy, celebrating the first day of the New Year. We could hear the fire works over the phone and it just made us all giggle every time on went off! Magda was so generous with her time and told us so much about how Luciana is doing. She was so talkative and happy that we called. Alanna did an amazing job gathering all the little details we have craved, and we are so grateful for her help!

Well, you won't be surprised, Luciana is a happy, healthy, beautiful baby. She smiles and laughs, loves music and any toys she can chew, and is growing all the time, she sleeps well, and Magda kept saying the is so pretty. Then, in a moment of adorable truth, Magda giggled and affectionately referred to her as fat! I love it! I can not wait to get me arms around my chubby babe! She shared details from their holidays, and caught us up on a few other things, but all we really heard was "healthy and happy", just like we remember her from 2 1/2 months ago. I couldn't stop smiling. I still smiling thinking about it. So good for the soul.

So, in all of this ramble, I have come away with not telling you much of anything and sounding more glum than I would have wanted to. We are just craving news, craving pics and medical updates from the last 2 months, craving progress; we are really just craving our daughter. The nursery is ready, the outfits are folded, the big brother is tired of waiting, and this family is ready to go get our girl! It's time.

Here's hoping our next post will be to announce that we are another step closer.
I will try to get around to posting pics of the nursery in the meantime, maybe some Christmas pics, too.
Thanks for checking in on us... I am sure there will be news soon!

Much love.


Bobbi said...

Can't wait to kiss that "fat" baby's cheeks!!

Sorry this is so hard and long right now!

the gFamily said...

I was hoping to hear more too! I am sorry it is taking so long! I am sure this wait is the most difficult yet! I hope you get more news tomorrow so you can celebrate over the weekend! You are SO CLOSE!!

Victoria & Joe said...

I was hoping when I got home you would have been on your way down.. But guess not.. Hang in there. It will come soon.

Guatemama said...

I was stalking your blog hoping that you would have some news. I am really really sad that this is dragging on like this with no updates for you. Not Fair! I mean even with no news they should send an email back at the very least. Geeesh.. Try to hang in there. Hey when you got no updates you called and got your own! You go!! I am glad that your call went so well.

Steph said...

Hoping that your agency sees throuh the humor and gives you an update already! Geez!! The news is coming, Lucy's foster family is soaking up these last precious moments, and she will be home forever very soon. I can't wait to see those pics!!!

Laura said...

Well... what to say...

It's wonderful to hear that she is thriving with the love and nurturing of her foster family right now. Every mother feels the need for their children to be safe and happy, and it looks like she is until you can give her that yourself--- so I'm glad to hear it.

But, I can't help but be a little miffed at your agency right now. I know you and Keith share in that, and certainly your friends in blog-land and at home share in it too! Please know that we are all here to support you and your family, and are sending prayers and well wishes for Lovely Lucy to come home to you real soon!

For now, Happy New Year! Enjoy these beautiful snowy winter days with my handsome godson! And give each other lots of hugs of support from the Gilpatricks!

We love you! Happy New Year to all!


Emily said...

I know how frustrating no updates can be! At the very least, your agency should email you....but, the good news is you are so close. I'm predicting you'll hear something very soon! SO happy you talked with your foster mother. Just to hear that Nathaniel was happy and healthy made my week.


Donna said...

It's coming, I just feel it!! It's time!
Good for Keith and his sense of humor, we'll be saying our prayers for a response, an update, and MOVEMENT!
Oh - and I can't wait to see the nursery, I have girl-envy. LOL