Saturday, May 3, 2008

First Teeth... Look Closely

What? Oh. You want me to show the people my new teethies?

Ok... look closely. I worked REALLY hard for these!

See? (A little blurry as my girl loves to bounce in her crazy bouncer from her gal pal, Bea!)

Those itty bitty teeth are hard to capture on camera! There were many runny, runny noses and a few sleepless nights while these first two made their way into the world. These "firsts" are so fun to celebrate... we are constantly reminded how lucky we are to have our sweet girl home to be the a part of even the smallest of milestones. We are so blessed.


Guate4Jack said...

And what cute little teeth they are! Congrats!!!

Becky and Jack

Donna said...

Tee hee hee - I SEE them!

Laurie said...

I see them! Yeah Luciana. Maybe you all will have a little break before the next ones come in. Oh and by the way girlfriend.....LOVE the orange. Makes your eyes even more beautiful! :)

Bobbi said...

WOW! They have really pooped out the last week. I could barely see them last week.

Love that color on her!

Our Family of 5 said...

Awww=) Great pictures! She is beautiful!

Kerri said...

Yay, Lucy!!!
Love the previous two posts too.
Kerri and Ruby

Chris & Lindsey Wheeler said...

How have I missed your blog....your little girl is ADORABLE!!!!! Oh my goodness, she is so cute! We are adopting a little girl from Guatemala....she is almost 10 months old.


Steph said...

I definitely see them!!! GOOD JOB, LUCY!!!

Auntie G said...

I love them Luciana!!!
I am so glad adults don't have to cut teeth. Johanna has cut four since we came home and is working on another.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Luciana!!!
Beautiful teeth sweetheart!!
Love you and Sam very much!

Aunt Katie

Greta Jo said...

I see them...
Wow, Luciana is beautiful!