Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Has It Really Been...

Only 2 months since we have been home? I feel like we have been home so much longer. Life is just up and running... and so are we!

Every now and then I look back on what I wrote at "this time last year". I only wrote one post in May last year and it was all about paperwork! That, too, feels like a lifetime ago! I did crack myself right up reading my rantings about paperwork... what a bizarre time that was in our world. It is so good for me to take those moments to sit with those old feelings of longing... but, they are so gone now. We are so complete and loving it all.

Life is good.


Bobbi said...

You sure it's only been two months?? It does seem longer!!

Hey, I miss baby girl!!

Guatemama said...

Isn't it amazing how that longing just seems so long ago already? I need to get a post up today. We are home 3 months today and I would have missed it if you didn't remind me.

Life is good Amen and Indeed!!

Guate4Jack said...

I read my old blog posts the other day too and thought to myself, my! I was a crazy lady! Happy 2 months home!!

Becky and Jack

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear we will see you all on Mother's Day!
Maybe we can play a game of wiffle ball in the backyard together!

Michelle Smiles said...

Happy Mother's Day!