Friday, June 13, 2008

My Family

I am home tonight. My baby girl has been battling a 3 day fever between 99 and 104. She is sleeping now, and we are feeling like she is on the other end of some kind of viral "blech", but it has been a long few days. With her birthday, our anniversary, and Sam's last day of school on the horizon, we have been feeling right out straight. BUT, with all that said, I have had another big event on my mind...

My baby cousin, Julie, is getting married tomorrow in North Carolina. I was able to be at her twin sister Melissa's wedding a few years ago, but we could not manage to get to Julie's. This has been so hard for me. I am a crier... I just am.... so, today has been tearful for me. Aside from Luciana not feeling well, it has been on my mind all day that my great-big-wonderful family would be having their pre-wedding fun today... a sort of family reunion of sorts. I have the most amazing memories of special time with our family. For a very close-knit, very loving family.... we just do not see each other as much as we would like to. But, when we do, it is a GOOD time, an emotional time, a LOTS of hugs and kisses time! Having been to Melissa's very southern, big dinner and bigger party pre-wedding events, I can just imagine all the celebrating that is going on. I am not there, and yet I have received 3 phone calls, one email with pics, and a "few" calls just from my mom because everyone knows how much I wish to be there... I am so happy for my sweet Julie. My all-too-soon grown up cousins are making amazing lives for themselves (some married, some parents) , and I am just so proud of each of them. I can't be there...but I know you sneak onto this blog from time to time... and I can take this moment to tell you how much I have marveled in the women (and man, Brian) you have become. I can't be there to have one of our famous all night heart-to-heart's, but I am only ever a phone call away. For tonight, Jules, just... be happy. Meliss... keep on shining. Bri... keep on keepin' on. You each deserve happiness. John (my brother) and I love you each like crazy cakes from how ever many gazillion miles away. Family is what matters.... and we are there with you in spirit this weekend... and always.

Much love.

PS- You're gonna pay the price of the Pr*** promise if you do not send me pics from the wedding!

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