Saturday, June 7, 2008


I have been home for 3 months! Yippie!

Luciana continues to be such a content baby. She is (obviously!) growing like crazy, into everything, and keeping us laughing and running! She pulls up on absolutely everything... I see rock climbing in her future. She is standing independently, but hasn't attempted any steps. That is really fine by us! Ha! She still only says "Dada" clearly, but she has created a sound for "Mama" that sounds like "ahh-ahh" in her little sing-songy voice. It is too cute. She definitely has a voice which can be very loud if she wants it to...usually in the car! Most of the time, she is just smiling, clapping, laughing her tiny little laugh, and waving to all her fans! I can't believe we are planning her first birthday. Between that and Sam finishing Kindergarten, I should be in a puddle of tears some day soon.

Much love.
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Anonymous said...

Love you very much, Lucy Goosey!!!

We're so proud of your many memorable moments so far...with many more to come!!! Your such a sweet and loveable addition to the family.


Aunt Katie

Michelle Smiles said...

What a chunk of cuteness she is!

Bobbi said...

Has it only been three months??!!?! Seems like forever!!

THose cheeks have my name all over them.

See you tomorrow, Schreech!!