Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Date, A Concert, A Secret... Sounds Scandalous

But it isn't. These are just a few of the things that render me sleepless for 2-4 hours a night, but scandalous they are not. Exciting, yes. Scary, sure. Blessings, absolutely.

Let's break it down.
A date: October 9.
We will meet, hold, hug and kiss sweet girl for the first time on October 9th. Don't bother, I will tell you, that is exactly 1 week and 5 days from today. Love, love, love.

I have received some truly amazing advice on how to pack and what questions to bring for FM. I have even printed one Blog Pal's packing list made it a personal security blanket while shopping for the trip... this list is a dream come true to an outed packing disabled gal like myself. Thanks Steph!!

Be sure that a future post will delve into the unending emotions that surround the plannings and reality of this trip. For tonight, it is just totally surreal.... as in, I am completely baffled by the mountains of shopping bags heaped on top of the guest room bed... the guest bed that needs to be broken down and put into storage as we move a crib in because... why... oh ya!... we need to get ready for Baby Girl!!! Ahhhhh, but, cribs can wait as this is "just" a visit trip... but, those bags... yes, they will need some attention. Phew. Hard to imagine how I can get side tracked when packing.

Moving on.

A concert:
Keith and his very talented friends had a front yard concert at our house as a way to raise money for Safe Passage in Guatemala. Please take some time to learn more about this wonderful organization.
Our guests included our many awesome neighbors, our generous parents, and some truly special friends from outside of the "hood"! The band was great, and we are so grateful to them! The guests were wonderful and seemed to really enjoy picnicking and relaxing to great tunes. The kids had a blast... dancing, running around, and even joining the band!
By the end of 3 music-filled hours, we were shocked to discover that we had raised over $700! Way to go!

A secret:
For 6 weeks, I have been receiving supportive notes and adorable gifts from an anonymous friend out there in Blog World. It has been such a thrill to discover packages every so often with little clothes, books, and other wonderful treasures on my doorstep. My SBP was especially attentive to Sam, remembering his birthday and his first day of school with little treats for him, too! This SBP idea was organized by another adoptamomma, and she did a great job... especially when picking my SBP. After 6 weeks, I really got to feeling like we were friends... come to find out, WE ARE!! The "reveal" was this past Monday, but my pal got to me before then as she was at our concert... why?? Because my SBP was none other than my good friend, fellow adoptamomma, and huge supporter
Bobbi!!! Thank you for your support, Bobbi, and for spoiling my children! Our friendship has been a wonderful surprise.

I really do have pics to go with each of these tidbits of news, but I am far too drained to make the effort today... so, for now, here are the updates. Pics to follow.

Much love.


Bobbi said...

Loved being your secret pal. It was so much fun.

I can't wait to see those pictures of her in all of her little outfits, blankets, and most of all in her mama and daddy's arms!!

$700---wooohooo way to go!

Steph said...

What a wonderful and generous event!!

I am so excited for you trip and can't wait to see pics of Miss L in your arms!!!