Friday, September 14, 2007


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.... I don't believe I am writing this!! Keith is upstairs reading Sam a bedtime story, we just got home from a crazy night of pizza with a 3, 5, & 7 year old, we are coming off a hugely emotional week for reasons too personal too share... and NOW THIS!
My wonderfully loving, and oh-so-hard-working lawyer/agency director just emailed to say that we were OUT of Family Court... I didn't even know we were "in" for sure! And just like that... just like THAT, we have her blessings to plan a trip to meet Luciana... to meet our daughter... am I repeating myself?

(to clarify: this trip is a visit only, we will not be bringing her home)

I am fighting every urge to run upstairs and tell Keith what has happened, but it will be way to confusing for Sam... and if you could only hear the giggles coming from this less than calming bedtime routine, you would know that there is no way I could interrupt... but, MAN, could he wrap it up and get to the "happily ever after" of it all because I am losing my mind with JOY... and the every other emotion you yourself are wondering about with this whole "go meet your baby and then come home without her" concept!
For now, let's just be thrilled and celebrate that this much anticipated green light has come! Oh so much love, love, love. Luciana, we are on our way!

(2 notes: Eli's Mom.... thank you for your wonderful emails... I promise to sit and take some time to reply... it meant so much to hear your story and I want to take some time to get back to you. You are so wonderful.
SBP- You are a dream and I am too lucky to have you think of BOTH of my children in such a caring way... how did you find the "peaches" hat!?!??! You rock!)


Anonymous said...

There should have been a tissue warning to Grandparents in this blog, as well!
When you say your paryers tonight, tell Lucy we love her.


Bobbi said...

I knew there would be something here!! Congratulations!!

I must meet your Mom--she brings tears to my eyes.

Now, I gotta say, me knowing before Keith is one thing--the whole blog world may just be too much:>)!!

Filled with happiness tonight as you prepare to go and meet Reese's girlfriend. He will give you a big wet one to take with you next weekend!!

Much Love to you all.

Steph said...

OH WOW!!!! What wonderful news! Isn't wonderful to get good news so unexpectantly???!!! I have chills!!! I am so extremely happy for you. We just may be bringing our babies home at the same time! :)

Anonymous said...

Beth ~

My heart is smiling and I am jumping out of my seat with excitement for your family. YAHOO YAHOO YAHOO! You deserve this. I am thrilled and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this amazing news with us. How funny that we new before Keith ( hee hee).

Gretchen :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Glad to hear the good news. I have been checking in regularly for updates.

What does your husband think of us knowing before him.

As far as the peaches hat. Total luck there. I came across it in a big pile of hats at Old Navy. KNEW we had to have that!!! Glad you are enjoying your gifts.


Kerri said...

Have a fantastically amazing trip!

Kerri and Ruby

Laura said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! What a night, huh!

We are so happy for you guys, and.... well, I don't even know what to say... I LOVE YOU!


Sandi said...

So exciting. What an amazing blessing.