Thursday, September 27, 2007

You Can Help

I, like everyone else in the adoption world, am emotionally drained on the topic of the latest drama that is Guatemalan Adoption. I wish I could take the time or conjure the energy to write a clear explanation of what is going on between the US and Guatemala, but I would only confuse the facts and get sidetracked by the emotion. I am confused and sad, but taking action... and I hope you will too.
Please, read about this news and take action, follow the links listed below to learn how you can help... because you can.
Also, PLEASE take the 1 minute it takes to sign this online petition.



My plan of the moment: breath, pack to see baby girl, pray like crazy, write letters to the powers that be, breath

Much love.

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Bobbi said...


Also, wrote to the senators. Of course, getting general responses back. GRRRRRRRR! Hopefully someone reads them!!