Friday, September 28, 2007

Happiness is...

*Sam waving from the bus.
(He waves and smiles until I can't see him anymore. It just is the sweetest thing.)

*Washing and folding little clothes to pack for Baby Girl.

*A hug from K when he comes home.

*My phone ringing at 9:15 every morning and knowing it is my mom just calling to say "hi".

*Sam's smile when we told him he would get to stay with Mimi and Papa while we are away.

*Little, pink socks.

*Friends like ours. (amazing)

*Notes from Ella in the mailbox.

*Sam in his shin guards and cleats on Saturday mornings.

*Picture updates of Little Miss Lucy.

*Prayers offered, and prayers answered.

*The Buddy System.


I could easily continue on this path of listing my blessings.... and for that, I am grateful.


Bobbi said...

That's what I love about you. You can look on the happy side of life.

Kerri said...

It's great to see a happy post right now.

Thanks for this -
Kerri and Ruby

Steph said...

All the important things we need to remember right now. Thank you!