Sunday, September 2, 2007

Thinking About the Nursery/Seeking Advice

At what point is it okay to begin "getting ready" for baby? When I was pregnant with Sam, the shopping and planning began immediately. And, you know what was great?? I had a book, several books really, that told me what to do and when to do it. It was brilliant! I could justify my monthly, and eventually weekly, excursions to Babys 'R' Us with written documentation that it was time to shop for a highchair/stroller/dozen plush toys.

A conversation would take place that would go something like this:
"Yes, Keith, I am sure. The experts have advised that it is so. Just look here.... according to Martha, The Girlfriends, and What to Expect, it is critical that we find a jogging stroller in month 6. I know I don't jog, but I do follow the rules, and they seem to be clearly outlined here in each of these tried and true documents."

Really, it was a the way to go. Print "to do" list, drive to baby store, check brain at the door, and shop. (Not to mention the well timed baby showers that were also clearly outline by the handy-dandy baby books.) But, now?!?! Does anyone have a "What to Expect When You're Adopting" handbook that I don't know about?

I really just do not know what to do, or when to do it, or if I should register, OR if we should paint the nursery after Family Court or half way through PGN?!!? Yes, these are just some of the rambling thoughts of the adopting mother.

What is the protocol? Anyone?

Well, by accident, I did start thinking about the nursery. Sam's room is painted with stripes that K and I delusionally thought would be fun to paint ourselves.... they are red, blue, and gray with the walls in a khaki color. I first thought we would do something similar for the baby... stripes of brown and purplish with some dots here and there... sounds awful, but if you ever get PB kids, there is something similar that we would plan to swipe. But, I may be going in a different direction. After recently getting my hair colored and purchasing a mountain of product, I was delighted (doesn't take much) to learn that my purchase had earned me a free travel tote. Fun! It is super cute... and I think I love it enough to use the design for the nursery!!

Oh, and I also found a few crib sets that I liked, so I am going to try include links for those. I would love feedback.

Here are some other possible starting points:
2) Funky Polkadots
Funky Shapes
4) Flowers

5) Lots of Dots

Much love.


Steph said...

Oh Beth. I know exactly what you mean. I have no idea when to start getting "ready." The one thing about pregnancy is you have a due date. There is no definitive "due date" with Guatemalan adoptions. So, no good advice here! We are waiting until we are in PGN to get the nursury together.

I love the circles pattern and the similar crib sheets! Very cute and hip! More power to ya painting those walls!!

Bobbi said...

ok, love the pattern! Go for it and good luck!!

When to get ready? It is so hard cuz you don't want to get ready too soon, but don't want to rush. Start now--slowly. Get things out, look at what you have, take inventory. Pick colors, design, etc. Get out of FC and possibly embassy approval, then really go to it. Also, after we visited Reese that kicked me into high gear!

Best of luck. Sure we'll talk more about it.

Anonymous said...

I'm for the Funky Polkadots! Love them so much!Suzy

Anonymous said...

Hi Bet,
I'm loving the funky polka dots. Fun !
Can't wait to hear more
Terri O