Thursday, October 11, 2007

Better Everyday

Moved the pics to the top... I know that is what you are really tuning in for!

Get your popcorn here! Your peanuts!
Ladies and Gentlemen, ENJOY THE SHOW!

Adoption is full of the highest highs, and the lowest lows, and sometimes they happen in the same day, even hour. It can't be said enough that we are blessed with amazing family and friends, because I am sure their journey through ours is it's own kind of rollercoaster. We are so grateful.

So, the least I can do for these amazing people is find a few minutes to send these updates and highly coveted pictures... it is our popcorn and peanuts to you all as you watch the circus of our adoption unfold.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yesterday: High points-
*Luciana has this smile that is pure sweetness. She already trusts us and looks at us with so much love. At dinner, she gave me one of her soft, sweet smirks, and I crumbled. Right there at the table. Can a heart burst with love?

*Magda came back yesterday and we had the nicest time sitting in big overstuffed chairs and couches asking her all sorts of questions about Miss L. She loves her so much and it is so comforting to see her with Luciana.

*We decided to splurge for the $2.50/day stroller and ended up exploring the Westin for a long time yesterday. It really is beautiful, and big enough to get a good walk in. The shops are great, and we hope to bring a few treasures home. Any requests?

*Keith. Oh, where do I begin? My husband cracks me up every day. We have traveled a fair bit together, and I have always struggled with his insitence on trying to speak languages he really does not know. After 13 years together, I have let it go. He has to do it. Everyone here is so sweet as he struggles through his attempts at Spanish. I don't know if you will find this story as hysterical as I did, but here goes: Every time Keith calls the front desk, which is often, he says, in one breath, "Hello do you speak English?". It is his standard greating. Yesterday he was determined to learn how to ask this phrase in Spanish. "Hola, tu hablas ingles?". So, on his very next call to the front desk, this is what I heard, "Hola, tu hablas ingles? --- Oh, good, good. Yes, we were wondering if (something or other). Oh, good, good. Quanto costo? " THEN, he burst out laughing (really loud) as he realized he had asked to speak in English and busted into Spanish half way through! I know it is one of those "you had to be there" moments, but we were so tired and that is so Keith that we lost ourselves. The baby was sleeping and I had to hide in the bathroom as I was laughing so hard. Ahhhh... I love it.

Low point-
*Baby girl had a temp. of 104 yesterday. Very unsettling and scary. We were very pleased that our agency sent someone over and we were able to talk to her doctor on the phone. He feels confident she just has a cold and we are doing the Tylenol treatment. She is still warmish today and had little coughs and sniffles, but she seems comfortable. We will keep a watchful eye.
The whole day has been a high point today. (I wrote that sentence at 1:00 this afternoon... the day changed soon after, but remains wonderful.) Luciana had a much better night sleeping. She wants nothing to do with the crib, but loves our super comfy bouncey chair and was content in that, and then spent the last 2 hours of sleep snuggled up with me. We are feeling more refreshed.

This morning, we had a GREAT bit of news in our inbox. It seems, though nothing formal has been posted yet, that "Guatemalan President Oscar Berger has stated that he supports an amendment to the recently approved adoption law that would allow in process adoptions to continue under the current law". To be clear, this is our prayers answered! We are anxious to see this announcement made formal, but it is with great joy that we can confidently say that we will be bringing OUR BABY HOME!!! (don't ask when... I know you are thinking it... hee hee)

After reading that, we floated to breakfast where Baby Girl charmed the pants off all the staff. We met more families there, too. Such nice families.

We spent the rest of our morning reading books and drinking coffee in one of the comfy cozy lobies downstairs. Keith and I, not Lucy. She slept b/c that is what she does in the morning. We watched another family meeting their itty bitty for the first time. So sweet.

Now, little angel girl is napping, again. Keith is at the gym, and I am writing short novel on what seems like very ordinary things, yet feel extrodinary as we have waited a very many years to experience them.
**4:48 PM
Just back a settled in calmly after our adventure to a private hospital in GC. When Luciana's temperature reached 104 again today, our agency and her local doctor felt like it was wise to bring her in to be examined. (As did we.) To the point, she is fine. She does have a throat infection and was prescribed 3 prescriptions. We laughed while in the cab that we had discovered a solution to seeing the city... cab ride to the hospital! Lucy was so tranquil, as usual, and so our agency rep. really did take the opportunity to tell us about everything we passed, about religion, about government, etc. It was very interesting. We were never truly concerned, but it was clear that she needed something other thatn Tylenol. Now she has a whole medley of goodies. Strange as it is, taking care of Luciana in this way made us feel even that much more like her Mamma and Dada. We feel like it is some kind of blessing that we were here to care for her, at least this time, when she did not feel well. We are ready to hunker down for the rest of week with a little less excitement... but, we are not driving this circus train! We are just here for the ride.

PS- Goodnight Sammy.
Much love.


Anonymous said...

I am speechless - what beautiful pictures! She is just so beautiful - i'm sorry she's not feeling well but it sounds like she's got the medicine to make her feel better now! Take care of that precious girl - i'm so happy to hear of your news - i can't wait to meet her!!! What a lucky little girl - she's joining an AMAZING family!! Thinking "good sleep" thoughts for you - (time to raid the tissues now...)

Bobbi said...

OH MY GOD!! She is so beautiful. The pictures of you guys wit her are amazing. Your happiness shines through. Can't tell you love her a little!

Glad she is on the mend. Astrid is really good.

Oh, and I totally got the Keith thing. Exhaustion will do amazing things to someone.

GREAT NEWS today. Now, the next good news is that she is in PGN!! That would be great to get while you are there.

Glad you are enjoying the Westin. It is amazing. Fun to meet others too.

Long enough comment.......

Much Love

Steph said...

ohh, I am bawling...I think I will need to watch this again!!! She is just beautiful and all three of you look soooo incredibly blissful. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

No matter how many times I swallow, the lump just won't go away. I am sitting here wanting to run into Sydney's and Madeline's rooms and squeeze them one more time tonight. To kiss them and their sweet fingers and toes and ears! Thank you for letting into your precious moments and allowing us to see and feel the connection and love. I have never checked the computer so many times in one day as I have since you've been gone.
With all our love and support,
Tamar and family

Donna said...

How beautiful, how sweet! You did an awesome job with the video and with the journaling!
Terribly sorry to hear Luciana had such a high fever/scarey moment. Hope she continues to do well during your visit and God Speed to PGN!!

Anonymous said...

I also have been glued to my computer this week and so look forward to new installments of info. You two are just amazing. I hope Luciana is feeling better. And I'm thrilled you are finding many moments of joy & laughter - you deserve it. Hugs all around.

-- Leslie