Tuesday, October 9, 2007

For The Rest Of You

After months of anticiipcation, we are here, safe and sound... and snuggled and cuddled, and happy, happy, happy.

We are also... exausted. Baby Girl is (shocking) not at all interested in the schedule her FM shared with us and is up and babbling away when she sould be sound asleep.. but the babbling is such a happy little sound. It is a sound we are just eating up with a big ol' spoon!
Here is my scoop for tonight... too pooped to write, but am true to my word... soooooo, here are some pics:
Excited parents on the plane.

Guatemala City from the plane.
Beth waiting for the phone to ring.
Mother and Daughter... and a few special guests!
Family Portrait

First Mommy bottle.

First Daddy snuggle.

The Sweetest Angel Face.

Wide Awake 10 Minutes Ago!

I have kissed every finger and every toe... perfection.

Buenas Noches.


Holly G. said...

She is adorable and can your smiles get any bigger??? I know that feeling and I love it.

Congratulations on meeting your little bundle of love.

Bobbi said...

Thank you for more pictures! Ok, you look very happy, but Keith has a shine in his eyes like no other. You looked beautiful.

Gotta love how the schedule went out the window!! Oh well, this is your time. She just wants to say hi to you!!

Now that you have kissed every finger and evey toe, kiss those cheeks for me. I can't wait for her ot get home so I can kiss them myself.

Love the Happiness!!!

jandjpowell said...

Hi Bethy,
I don't have the words...she is beautiful and I don't think I've ever seen you or Keith look happier. We are all thinking of you and praying for you every day. What a lucky girl Luciana is. Keep posting!
We love you!

Steph said...

Oh my gosh!!! She is BEAUTIFUL and both of you are just GLOWING!! I have chills of pure excitement and happiness!! I warned you about the schedule! Hee hee!!

Sweet, sweet, sweet

I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!!!! You and Keith look wonderful & happy! Thanks so much for sharing! We've been thinking of you constantly. Can't wait to hear & see more...

Much love -

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you both! She is beautiful! Your both glowin' like I've never seen! We've been thinking of you both while you've made such a "BIG" trip to visit Lucy, and wish you all the best with each passing day. Give her a kiss for John and I. I'm glad you took pic's, it's nice to see how big she's gotten. We love you all very much. God Bless. Big Hugs and Kisses.

JP and SIS

Donna said...

Yay!! I'm SO glad you arrived safely and have that little bundle of joy in your arms!! Snuggle lots and take tons of pictures!! Many blessings!!

Nicole said...

Wow! She is beautiful! Wonderful pictures! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis and Bro,
Lucy is beautiful! You two look so happy with her. Sammie is going to be such a good "Big" brother. We can't wait to meet her, for she'll have someone that wants to meet her too! Enjoy every minute that you are there. Take lots of pics, so that you send some to us. We miss you and love you very much.

JP and KP

Anonymous said...

Hi! Oh my gosh....I have chills...such joy, such happiness, such love. Was there ever more of an example that babies are a gift from God?...I don't think so!

I am keeping you, Keith, Miss Lucy and Mr. Sam in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy you made it safely and probably can only touch the iceberg of how thrilled you and Keith are. Love her with all your heart and whisper in her tiny soft ear that soon she will be in her new home and there are lots and lots of people waiting to love her.

Be well, take care and know tha we love you.

Peggy and Padre

Anonymous said...

Why can't I do this? Am I that computer numb? I want to tell you how many tears I've shed! How beautiful! What an amzing journey!

Anonymous said...

I must say that I am so very excited for you both. Beth you look so Alive and happy! Keith, OMG, are you a happy daddy or what? She is beautiful. We are thinking about you all the time wondering what you are doing right now!
Can't wait for new pictures!