Friday, October 12, 2007

Good Morning World

What a difference a night makes...
Lucy Girl slept almost all night, she has responded almost instantly to her antibiotics, and she is so happy and full of spunk this morning! So are we! Hooray!
Here she is to prove it for herself, ALL SMILES, and bedhead to boot!

For more pics of Luciana, click: Luciana Montage or scroll down to the next post.

Much love.


Laura said...

Wow! I have just cought myself up on your last couple of days--- WOW!!! What a rollercoaster for you guys. My eyes are still wet from crying through the montage. Thank you so much for doing that. It really helps me feel connected to you and lovely Luciana, while you're away. And what amazing pictures!!! I'm not surprised, and definitely so happy to see you all looking so wonderful and beautiful! I'm just so filled with joy right now! Keep the photos coming- we all love them!

Kiss that beautiful girl for me!

Love ya, Laura

Katie said...

CUTIE !!! Glad she feels better !!

Bobbi said...

Reese gave his huge smile of approval. He says bed head is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone commented on his at the hospital today!

So glad she if feeling better!! AND, you all got some sleep. That helps everyone.

Hope you have a relaxing day!

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure she is saying "Mimi"!

Steph said...

Oh sweet girl!! I am sooo relieved that she is feeling better! Now you get to see her really shine!!

Steph said...
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Anonymous said...

She is so sweet! She is fitting right in with her family!

Nicole said...

Glad to see she's feeling better!

What a way to see Guatemala City!