Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dear Sam

Dear Sam,
Mommy and Daddy have landed after the long trip to Guatemala. We took 2 planes to get here.
We are staying at a very pretty hotel, but I don't think it can be as fun as "Hotel Mimi Papa"!
We were so happy to get to meet Luciana at 4:00! She was wearing a pink bow in her hair and a cute dress with a matching pink bow. She smiled at us a lot. Her foster mom looked at all of the pictures of you and said that you would be a good Big Brother! She has a little boy your age. Actually, she has FOUR children, and we got to meet them all. I will show you pictures of them when we get home.
Soon after we talked with Luciana's foster family, we came up to our room and gave her a bottle. She really liked that. We also gave her her "Sam Bear". That made her smile, too.
She was really tired from her long day, so we put her in her new Jammies, and she is fast asleep. Did you see the picture of her sleeping with her Sam Bear?
We love you and are sending a blow kiss.
Mommy, Daddy, and Lucy


Bobbi said...

Dear Beth and Keith,

What a beautiful letter to your son.

She is just gorgeous!! So, I want to know whose arms is she sleeping in?????

Finally, some tears of joy! So happy for you.

Much love!!

Laura said...

I called your mom tonight, heard her voice, and started to cry. It seems like we were just talking about you adopting from Guatemala, and now, here you are-- holding that precious and gordeous little girl! I know it's been a long road, and it's not over, but I am so happy that you are there and able to spend this time with your little Luciana.
I love the photo you sent! She is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see more pics and videos.

Have so much fun!

Love ya tons! Laura

Auntie G said...

Your daughter is so precious. I just love the picture. Have a wonderful visit.

Betsy said...

Oh Beth, little Lucy is just beautiful. What a sweet note to Sam. You are such a great mom.
How about some pics w/ you, hub, Lucy?

Kerri said...

She's beautiful! I love the letter to Sam.
Kerri and Ruby

Anonymous said...

Beth and Keith,
Can I just tell you how many times I checked your blog today - and here I am at 6:30a in the morning running down to see if you've updated your page and "WOO HOO" you did! :) She is gorgeous - you look happy and beautiful - the next pictures better have some bags under your eyes or something... hee hee I'm happy you are there safe and sound - enjoy every minute (like I know you will!!!)

Steph said...

Oh, my heart is melting!! We have a lot to learn from you and Keith on parenthood. :)

Guatemama said...

Oh what a wonderful letter to Sam! You have me crying big happy tears up here. We have so much in common with the boys being the same age and our little girls also. I just love the pictures! Enjoy this wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom, Dad, and Lucy,

I am so happy you are together. Mimi and I keep looking at your pictures. She has read your letter to me many times!

Lucy, do you like your bear? I can't wait until we can play together. I miss you all.

love, Sam