Thursday, October 4, 2007

Your Support

If you are reading this, then you know that Guatemalan Adoption is in the midst of a political crisis. You can help the families who are "in process", and please act quickly.

We have sent a letter of plea to our friends and family, and know that they will respond in the same overwhelmingly supportive way they did when we asked them to sign this petition.

So, in the interest of getting to the point... if you are reading this, please take 10 minutes it will take to send this letter to your senators and representatives on FRIDAY, October 5. Your support is our greatest blessing. We remain hopeful and look forward to the day we bring our beautiful, sweet, innocent daughter home.
Much love.

For those of you in Maine:


Bobbi said...

We too look forward to the day that you bring sweet Lucy home. What a wonderful day that will be. We pray for it every day.

Letters sent!!! (house looks like a bomb went off, but the important thing is the letters were sent)

Donna said...

I'm praying for all of you, that are "in process" of bringing home your little ones. I, too remain hopeful and positive that things will work out, but I can't imagine how difficult it is to "ride out" this wave. (((hugs))) and keep looking at that precious little face!!